Thursday, July 23, 2009

Murdering the Truth and Living the Lie

So the dust appears to be settling over the TBH affair. Yet, as his bones lie interred in a memorial park, it appears as if his death will be in vain especially in the pursuit of a better Malaysia. You see TBH was about to bust something when his young life was short-circuited and which the subsequent downpour of hypocrisy and shower of deceit washed away down the gutter. It was sort of a rain from hell that washed away all evidence of criminal activity and when it stopped the birds were chirping a different tune. Such was the ingenuity of the scum who exploited the guy's demise, that his corpse became the shield from behind which they hurled all sort of insinuations and compelled a spineless, vaccilating government to perform a somersault that will put a smile back to old flipflop's haggard mien.

In their haste to placate a pack of drooling hyenas and a herd of marauding pigs, the government inadvertently shut the door of revelation and opened the door to perdition. It was such a foolish act reeking with the pong of capitulation to political gangsterism that one wonders whether other more pithy decisions and policies unveiled lately were not similarly initiated under the shadow of fear and a spineless submissive compliance to threats.

The gameplan of Teoh's backers was simple all along. They were entangled in an investigation that was threatening to careen out of control and cause a major roadwreck for certain groups. Thus a gameplan was hatched with the ringleaders firing the first salvoes by immediately accusing the MACC and holding it responsible even before formal investigations by the relevant authorities had commenced. Once the tone was set, it was time to mobilise the infantry, alah! those thought zombified morons, to the cause by racialising the discourse, inflaming mistrust and fomenting hatred, a strategic thrust accomplished with the aid of partisan acolytes masquerading as civil rights activists/civil society proponents*.

Having whipped up the baying crowd to a frenzy through an effusion of emotional anger (masking the latent fear of disclosure) released in mock-affective style in public fora via cyberpress statements,funeral speeches blog postings etc., the third strategy was to compel the trojans within the ramparts to acquiscice to the gameplan clinging as they are to the last shreds of credibility. The quadruple pincer like movement to encircle the prey was effectively sealed when sundry support was lassoed from aging princelings who had long been reduced to gibbering hermits in the wilderness and whose words reek with the hypocrisy from an unsavoury past, ( a moment in time a generation ago when a Melayu had his life snuffed out in a banana plantain and two living kids lost a father in an eyeblink).

So there you have it, a seemingly unstoppable barrage peppering the government from four corners of Malaysian polity and instead of holding true to its course and allowing the PDRM to finish its almost complete investigations, the ship of state flounders in the roiled waters and agrees meekly and cocklessly to conduct mirror image investigations of the same thing, a case of cutting up the corpse three times over for the charlatans' kicks. So there you have it:

1. A royal commision of inquiry
2. A coroner's inquest
3. An ongoing police investigation.

And for its pains, the government is rewarded with further mockery and taunts :

and more demands are in the offing, for what would happen if the RC begins to snoop up petticoats and pantyhoses and what better way to stop that undesired intrusion than having one's own watchdogs to bark the threats and warnings from within and snarl the RC members into cowed silence:

"............was that one-half of the Commission members be either from the opposition or be opposition-nominated." from:

mmmm....Lingangate was helmed by apolitycos, wonder why this one needs "special" guarddogs". Is it to keep an eye or two on where things are heading and alert ........?

and all this public crow feast would not have come to pass for the govt if it had been firm; unleashed the ISA on troublemakers bent on turning memorials into illegal rallies to foment racial lynching; arrested the bastards and prostitutes who twisted and turned this into a media circus with their twisted logic; expelled the princeling weakling of a maverick for not towing the party line; smashed to smithereens with water cannons, tear gas and birdshot the phony vigils, demonstrations, gatherings whatever organised by civil society poseurs.

But that would be asking too much from a man bent on pleasing everybody but ends up fleecing the majority of their goodwill and support, a case of paupering Ahmad to redeem Ah Seng. For, try as they might, despite all the cajoling, all the sugarcoating and all the appeals to their consience, the majority were unimpressed, nonplussed even, much to the consternation of one simian who had to resort to mental gymnastics of the lowest form to rationalise their absence and in passing, mock their intelligence:

And the Malays there to pay their last respects to Beng Hock were few in number.
Would this have anything to do with the UMNO MSM spin-doctoring? (sub-text reads; you brainless dumbos so easily conned by spin....) :

save for some kafirs who in their eagerness to show off their consummate arselicking and cocksucking skills had to add some brimstone and fire to whet a crowd of pigs:

" Teoh's body was sent to his grave so to will the people send the mACC to the burial ground"
Dzulkefly Ahmad (PAS):

Now old man big brother Kaffir , Nikki Lee Aziz might have guffawed and shed a tear of pride at that one...hahahahahahahahahaha LOL

But beneath it all, Miss Truth awaits in trepidation, unsure whteher she will ever breathe fresh air and smell them magnolias. smother Mr Lie with her wanton kisses and do a striptease for the faithful. It must be a fretful, futile wait for after all the hoo and ahs, the winners will atke the spoils while loser slinks away, the boos ringing in his ears

Winners; the gangstas, the parties to the original MACC investigations, now probably mothballed for good

Losers: the government, every whichway including loose, the MACC, the public, the Teoh family seeking closure.WCK as well?

Revert: Looks like the soon-to be otherworld Mrs is the new celeberity in town as the pix and texts here attest. Our very own Corazon, Sonia??. also pay close attention to smirks of triumph on certain faces.

Buffalo: Perah...jangan tak perah.....but dont forget to leave some milk for the unborn babe...ohhhh the bathos..oops pathos......*sob*

* civil society activists: these are actually uppity, middle and upper class snobs in search for a cause to complement their fast paced, materialistic lifestyle. what else would be more sexy then talking about feeding setinggans babies, singing carols to Papuans while cradling Louis Vuittons, fingering a Versace mobile and shaking a Manolo shod dainty feet and adjusting the headmic from smudging the Dior mascara with the Dolce Gabbana masking those lying fidgeting eyes for good measure ..the male of the species..u cant miss their Beemers, the expensive Rolex and the Dom Perignon fueled dinners, the sorority at the Wharf, the Rooftop shenanigans and the spying activities at La Bodega's.. compassion and fashion with a passion, ah..the life of theatre, recitals, operas, high society and teoh boon hocks, oh the gumption LOL!

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