Monday, July 21, 2008

Of frauds and the depraved

Poseurs everywhere affecting intellectual, cool lifestyles but with little or nothing between the two earlobes. We have poseurs talking about civil society with no inkling of grass root realities, poseurs commenting on the state of the federation with nary a hint of solutions to the long suffering masses and now the new literati poseurs with their moleskin notebooks and latest gadgets.. why gadflies giving their 2 cents worth on anything from emancipation to sodomy.. not forgetting the political poseurs so obsessed with the trappings or lure of power that the wheat of truth through their astute spin is transformed into the chaff of perception. And to think that this country had once so much potential makes you kinda of depressed at how things have turned out and where they are heading!! ah1 there are silver linings amidst all that poseur gloom... 5 days after writing a barely veiled diatribe against prayer in Islam, a prominent civil society turnip is laid low by frostbite and is having problems in even tapping the keyboard it seems. talk about hubris!!

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