Monday, August 11, 2008

Emotional Responses Prejudicial to Islam (Conclusion)

Barely 24 hours after i put up the first part of this post, i got plenty of stick from friends and enemies alike. All Malay-Moslem from Bagan Serai for my purported "betrayal". But, i stand by every word i wrote in that first post and i reiterate: All these people were seeking, was the assertion of their rights within the legal framework nothing more and the assurance given by R.Kesava to assuage the fears of the Malay Muslim polity the day before was crystal clear enough.
Also note that, the main aim of the forum was to settle legal imbroglios , a fact not lost on the government itself:
Among the speakers at the forum was syariah lawyer Mohd Haniff Khatri Abdulla. Mohd Haniff represented the Federal Territory’s Islamic Religious Council in the case of R Subashini. K Shanmuga and Ravi Nekoo, who were counsel for Subashini and S Shamala, respectively, also spoke....Former Syariah judge and currently the Federal Territory Islamic Department’s syariah prosecutor Dr Mohd Naim Mokhtar pulled out as a panel speaker earlier.- Malaysiakini, 9/8/2008, Protesters stop Bar's 'conversion' forum
For a complete picture of what transpired visit this link : My kudos to the writer for his incisive comments and queries. Indeed, i echo his comments and wish to add that the silence, from other smart arse lawyers and activist whores peddling their intellectual garbage in the nether regions of cyberspace on this issue, is ear splitting to say the least!!
So why all the hullabaloo and all that ruckus? Isn't it plainly obvious to all and sundry that yet another issue affecting the common man has been twisted and "embroidered" beyond "redemption"? Is this the emergence of a new era for Malaysia replete with intimidation through gangsterlike tactics and sheer thuggery (remember also APCET 1996 and one Saifuddin Nasution, the goons manhandling that hapless Chinese vernacular press photographer,the putsch against contrarian views in a certain 'parliament' (better "Perliman) in blogosphere etcetra- all harbingers of worse civil rights violations to come) by a new breed of "charismatic and savvy" politaikos adept at outspinning and out-conspiring the other side or is this the continued perpetuation of the existing "look the other way", "sweep under the carpet "and "bury your head sand" syndromes besetting the current whorelords?
Whether it is the former or the latter, it is clear that the common man/woman has souled out himself/herself to the most devious and fiendish con of all time (if they voted in an election within the greatest con paradigm of all time : democracy, that is) . No, March 8 did not herald a new era.. instead it marks the day when a banana democracy's electorate fed on the promises of change arrived at the inevitable fork of this nation's tortured history and somehow fell for the allure of the untrodden grass and the unsmelt flowers and decided to go for a lark to a promised paradise unbeknownst to the fact that wolves in various disguises were lurking behind every ballot box waiting and biding their time to rape, sodomise and butcher that naive and ever gullible damsel called the Malaysian Voter. Folks ... be afraid very afraid of what is to come!
Revert: Come what may, Inna ilahi wa inna ilahi rajiun

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