Monday, September 22, 2008

A New Day, A New Look, A Same Ol" Story

Found nothing interesting to blog so as Tolstoy says boredom: the desire for desires set in. Decided to upgrade my blog with the some nifty gadgets and stuff, courtesy of Google. Ah..the magic of American technology but why should you, Revert be, enamoured? This is one statement that gets my goat! For you see technology like knowledge is borderless. If it were not so, then we would not have Arab gasoline in US fuel tanks and Bedouin petrodollars holding up their crumbling banks. The Yankees would have seen to that from the word go. not forgetting of course, the west's appropriation of Islamic knowledge and science from the libraries of Cordoba and Granada nor their imitation of the beguling fantasy that is AlHambra. anyway..i will pass.....

Blogged yesterday that the peg would be at the 3.60 to 3.80 range. Well, a crow cawed to me a few minutes ago, it would probably be upgraded to the 3.20 - 3.40 range..u know cheaper imports for the poor rabble who breakfast on Kellogs, wolf down Manhattan Fish and Chips at lunch and dine at Tony's...get the drift. Pokai pun mesti ada standard mah!

When we finish defending our currency with whatever savings we have, we will indulge in a bit of voodoonomics to keep the depression devil bottled up in our arse. Aren't we Canland?

Revert: Hope you like the new look and gadgets......

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