Sunday, September 14, 2008

Party time for Secular Hypocrites

The government of the day is duty bound to protect the integrity of the Federation from saboteurs be they communists, secular extremists or hate mongers etcetera. The actions of those detained falls within the ambit of Article 10(2a) and 10(4). It is unfortunate that the government of the day is controlled by a party disliked by many that any action taken is misconstrued as promoting its own interest. Furthermore, its cause is not helped by maverick extremists within its own ranks spitting out the same hate rap lyrics so perfected by the opposition minions in their blogs. Posts and comments that have apparently been flashed the green light by their masters. Remember, speaking and writing happen to be productive skills that are bound to have an effect.

I am apolitical and am, at best, ambivalent of the efficacy of democracy in effecting change. Be that as it may, i am still pissed off by certain segments of civil society who are wont to spout from the constitution when it suits them but are averse to observing its contents when it suits them to do so.These amoral hypocrites are the ones who have buggered and bastardised the constitution and are now pretending to champion it to con the ignorant. Have you ever heard a constitutionally elected government being beseiged by a pack of wolves intent on toppling it at any cost despite the fact there is a yawning gap in terms of majority. (not even a difference of 10 seats, mind you)

Whither, the trust of voters who voted in reps based on their manifesto? Are these people saying that the will of the electorate can be easily cast aside for the benefit of a megalomaniac intent on power? If so, that would a sad indictment of the institution of democracy that so many people are enamoured with. And what is even worse is that there are some pro-you-know-who blogs claiming that these reps won because they "bought" votes. Are they saying the oppo reps are clean as a whistle and above board in their dealings?Pray, can you clean up after the fact, with a gang of immoral frogs, the institutions you claim to be tainted?. Absurd isnt it when on one hand you claim they are corrupt and on the other you seek their support and use them "corrupts" to cleanse the system.

All this unholy haste is due to the fact that the opposition have come to realise that the socalled Bangsa Malaysia is a figment of their imagination and the rainbow coalition is soon going to dissapear in the sunshine once the Malay urban electorate returns to its proverbial "kampung" : the BN, as the economy improves and the price of fuel, goods and services stabilise (will blog on this). Take that segment away from the equation and you will find many an oppo. MP floundering on dry land like fish outta water.

Revert: Wonder what sort of depraved moral universe do such monsters inhabit? I wouldn't even trust them with my hypothetical vote (not that they would want it anyway) much less my grandma!

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