Sunday, September 21, 2008

When Seagulls Follow Trawlers........

Tomorrow, we will peg the clothes firmly to the clothesline which is sagging anyway. At which height will the clothesline be raised is anybody' guess but me thinks that, going by past experience, it would probably be around Rm 3.60 to the RM 3.80 range so that the business chaps enjoy an advantage. Cheap exports in the world market but the inevitable question is, who to export to and what about dollar denominated debts? Coupled with falling oil revenues, and the balloning deficit, question 2 is how to raise the money to cover the shortfall? Probably a cutback in development spending in which case the way how the skinny pork will be barreled out yields Q3. The corrridors will be haunted pathways soon........if they arent yet so.

More pertinently, how much should the price of fuel be decreased now that we, consumers, are effectively paying half the subsidy ( yeah, we are subsidising the govt now). Remember, oil was raised to 2.70 when it hovered around $120.00 a barrel. So plausibly it should be below the 1.92 base ( pre-raise). i think it will come down to between the 2.05-2.20 range.. but this is all speculation.

One thing is certain, all this moves marks the return of someone to steer the ship phantom-like in the twilight of dusk. And be prepared for a possible snap poll after the relevant fiscal schemes are in place . who knows? Something else, other than a poll, might just be skulking around to scream Surprise! at charlatans like me.

Revert : In the mood for speculation....just for a lark!

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