Friday, October 24, 2008

Rising Waters in Cooling Temperatures

Funds are pouring out of emerging markets," said Linus Yip, a strategist at First Shanghai Securities in Hong Kong. "A lot of money that flowed into the region during the last five years from the U.S. and Europe is being cashed out. The global crisis has come to Asia."

Yes, it surely has. Slowly and impercetibly it is creeping up, lapping at the doors of confidence and washing in the flotsam of fear through the crevices of doubt. But in Canland, everything is sunny and cheery. Rebel boy has strangely reverted to his choir self in the knowledge that this tide is not a child's plaything. His pals elsewhere reduced to gibbering freaks gawked at by all and sundry. The market is for all intents and purposes long dead and capitalism, yesterday's song and today's dirge, is shuffling slowly away to its yawning grave.

But elsewhere children frolic, ignoring the peril of the advancing tide. Mummy! we are save .. arent we behind old daddy's levee? Wrong sonny, this tide is just the beginning. Watch it rise and surge through your callow self, washing away your puny dreams . Yeah.. hear it roar through your flimsy castles, watch it smash your forlorn hopes. Feel it gush through your despair and ripple past your fallen pride before whirling around your tragic sadness and as your complacent self drowns in its unabating fury hear it gurgle into your stupefied soul.." I told you as much : World stock markets tumbled Friday on growing alarm that a global recession will ravage corporate profits and push smaller developing economies to the brink of collapse.

Now stop pouting you silly boy... and batten down them hatches before its too late!

Revert: The best thing to do to liquidate each and every asset you possess and hoard the gains under your pillow!

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