Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Of China and Armageddon

Scenario 1 : What Happens if China decides to move on.....
About ten years ago, to this day during the darkness of the first eclipse (the Asian crisis and the Nasdaq meltdown), I spoke to a group of friends of what could possibly happen if America's creditors decide enough is enough and divest their junk US bonds and cash out of their falling dollar assets cutting their losses and scampering for cover in the arms of gold.

You gilalah Revert, never going to happen was the smug response. Now the economic firmaments whisper mystically of that possibility as the winds of wrath lashes the House of Cards and shreds its King, Queens and Jack of spade in relentless fury. Once the Chinese, Japanese and Arabic stars align themselves over the eastern firmaments and sing the chorus of despair in perfect harmony...the great stampede will begin. Dollar assets will be hocked off at increasingly fire sale prices as Central Banks the world over divest their hoard of greenbacks. this will compel long term rates to rise in the US of A and probably choke off the genie of growth the coordinated rate cuts were designed to achieve. That possibility is ever more real given that blackholes are beginning to appear in Japan and fiat money reduces the value of dollars to rubble.

The only way out for America would be then to start a war to get hold of the black gold from their desert oasis in a bid to establish future control over oil supplies (the sale of which by the way is now being paid for in dollars) and dictate terms to fuel hungry economies the world over from Japan to Chile. This appears to be a Bushwhacked naked emperor's last throw of the dice, a flutter that will determine the fate of his Infideldom forever more.

Revert : Time will tell whether this will come to pass...if it ever does then save us all, Allah SWT

Scenario 2 : The Winds of Chaos Blow Ashore
The outer bands of the financial hurricane are finally reaching Asian shores. When an export behemoths like Toyota, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung begins to apply the brakes and start pruning their future growth projections, what chance is there for those in a puny economy like ours. When wallets empty the world over, demand will drop like a brick and those in export -oriented sectors like manufacturing, commodities and the like will start quavering in their boots. Already fretting over a supply overhang and brimming warehouses and godowns the world over, the rabble will scramble for cover as the next mosnter wave whipped by distant winds crashes ashore. As the rain of cutbacks in capital investments floods the economic landscape , the spectre of retrenchment will flit through the maelstorm seizing the complacent and spooking the ignorant as industrial zones turn overnight into virtual ghost towns and shopping malls become the haven for cobwebs and rats while hobos in rags gaze somberly at naked mannequins, empty shelves through grimy windows while contemplating of what might have been...............

Yes, the phantom of fear is gripping the devotees of the idol of the marketplace who has quietly abandoned his folk to their own devices. Watch how they twitch in agony and tear their tresses into frazzled ribbons as baby blackholes spawned by the Mother of all Blackholes appear like cosmic Grim Reapers in every part of the overarching vault threatening to swallow tiny universes into his eternal tunnel of darkness.

And as his earthly counterpart flits wraithlike from home to home in the dead of night, death and destruction will be the popular tunes of tommorrows as ditties of yesterday's carousing and wenching turn into the funeral dirges of the new dawn. The sap of confidence draining like unstanched blood from the body of hope and fear gripping the palpitating hesart within, the rabble has nothing but to resort to supplications of mercy from the Almighty......

At that moment in time, behold the false saviours self styling themselves as the Horsemen of the Apocalyse and the "messiah" of Repentance ride into view offering the gullible rabble the baptised yet poisoned chalice of salvation. Hush... the silence of lambs being led to a vain sacrifice will deafen the stars and mute the Sun while the mumchanced moon gaze in speechless horror, her waxing teardrops falling like silvery droplets onto the emaciated Earth where zombies cower beneath the Great Satn himself disguised as the Saviour.Advance will they, the armies of Might to the fields of Megiddo to ransack the last citadels of hope in search of stashed hoards of gold and plunder the fields of black gold and awaith to signal to slaughter the true believers : us Muslims

But fear not my bretheren Muslims, for there will be besaddled in the Steed of Allah, sword at hand to smote the Infidel, the Mahdi, from whose visage the Light Eternal Truth and Justice will shone forth like a zillion suns ready to vaporise Infideldom into an asheap of history.

Revert: As i said before..the World as we Know-it will soon come to pass.....Courtesy of Bush?I wonder......

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