Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Black Coot Suffers A Bloody Nose

Caption : A True Jihadi

I am sure the scheming murtad house nigger would have been shocked by the vehemence of this rejection. In fact, Khamenei like many others have long realised that American military might is rapidly waning and that the evisceration of its economic bowels greatly comprises its ability to wage war and spread destruction and misery on a global scale. In fact, America looks like it will implode on its own contumacy....

"Khamenei asked how Obama could congratulate Iranians on the new year and accuse the country of supporting terrorism and seeking nuclear weapons in the same message.
Khamenei said there has been no change even in Obama's language compared to that of his predecessor.
"He (Obama) insulted the Islamic Republic of Iran from the first day. If you are right that change has come, where is that change? What is the sign of that change? Make it clear for us what has changed."

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Spoken by a true soldier of Allah. I have a deep and abiding respect for this humble and deeply devout alim who has never wavered in his stand against the machinations of the Great Satan nor sacrificed his principles on the altars of political expediency. Together with Syeikh Hassan Nasrullah and Ahmadnejad, he has formed a solid bulwark against the Kuffar's devious strategems particularly in the Middle-East. Unlike other pseudo-alims both locally and abroad (mere turban lollipops in my opinion), Khamenei's firm stand augurs well for the rebirth of the Muslim ummah as a global force that will promote genuine equality and justice for all mankind. In Iran, I repose my hopes for this Islamic resurrection and resurgence... surely they are fulfilling the Holy Prophet's (Pbuh & HF) prophecy, that at the end of times when Islam is at "the end of its tether" there will arise a people who will reinvigorate the faith and reassert Addeen's suzerainty over all mankind and in saying so tapped the shoulders of Salman Farisi (as) to indicate that his people would be the flag bearers for the Mahdi (as) . Allahuakhbar!!

Revert: With the free market in ashes, democracy in tatters and its military receiving a pummeling in Afghanistan, American global hegemony is on its deathbed ......Shame on you Nik Aziz

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