Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bye, bye Miss American Pie.........

Caption: The Humbling of the Great Satan

While many people the world over (including Malaysia.....why even the Star had a feature on this "intellectual) were hailing the Great Black Hope as the new Messiah, the anointed one has wasted no time about puncturing those "charisma bubbles" in quick succession

1. Hilary's pointed ignorance of China's human rights records

2. Timothy Geithner's opaque economic policies and his foul-up of the AIG bonus fiasco

3. The fudged data about last fall's growth figures ( revised from 3.8 down to 6.2 down)

4. The house nigger's insensitive jibe about the paralympians

5. Now this :

"President Barack Obama's budget would generate deficits averaging almost $1 trillion a year over the next decade, according to the latest congressional estimates, significantly worse than predicted by the White House just last month. The Congressional Budget Office figures, obtained by The Associated Press Friday, predict Obama's budget will produce $9.3 trillion worth of red ink over 2010-2019. That's $2.3 trillion worse than the White House predicted in its budget.
Worst of all, CBO says the deficit under Obama's policies would never go below 4 percent of the size of the economy, figures that economists agree are unsustainable. By the end of the decade, the deficit would exceed 5 percent of gross domestic product, a dangerously high level................

Not only will this guy fail to save the faltering and free falling American economy..he will also effectively neuter any wisp of the American Dream still lingering in the arrack stoned minds of the white hillybillies and the black coots in the land of the Brave and Free.

Revert : Cometh the Hour, Riseth the Charlatan......LOL

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