Friday, April 03, 2009

Is it really Over Cos The Fat Lady has Not Sung Yet (Part 1)

The past 21 days or so, has seen the market trend upwards at amazing speed that will leave even full-grown bulls panting for breath. But is this a harbinger of good news? Lets look at a few figures:
First study the image above, a anapshot of the Dow and major events from 1920 -1945

Next look at the stock mart in the snapshot below..notice the gyrations in a depression!! some as 2 to 5X times larger than the current "calf" run

then look at these data on how much America has sunk over the past year: note the amount of wealth destruction

Note the collapse in mortgages:

and the evisceration of corporate America:

Next up : i will look at the latest economic data and show how a glib-talking conman and an adroit masseur can massage the figures to conjure the ultimate illusion = a bottoming out of the death spiral. Be prepared for the next swan-dive.....(continued)

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