Friday, May 15, 2009

A Hypocrite Whistles His Angst......

"based on the Mida report, Perak only recorded RM32 million in investment this year and lagged behind other states in securing investment, with Johor in first place with over RM1 billion in investments followed by Selangor with RM707 million and Penang with RM685 million."
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This vindicates my stance that bickering politicians are the bane to economic growth. The fact that Malaysia itself recorded an FDI contraction of almost 80% in the first quarter is reflective of how foreign investors value stability in making investment decisions in a bid to optimise returns from scarce capital. Going by these figures, I reckon, Malaysia would only draw a total of 12-15 billion in FDIs this year , a whooping 70% drop. This brings us full circle to the reasons as to why Malaysia is being shunned, the global economic crisis aside, the answer is simple, ceaseless politicking due to:

1. a reckless disregard of the will of the electorate wherein the stability of a legally constituted government post March 2008 is being constantly undermined by threats of frogging issued by the frog legs connoiseur @Choir Boy aka Rebel Beast who has an unsatiable addiction for power. Throw in a ragtag coterie of a lame lion, an aging bespectacled nerd, a power-crazy turban lollipop and a set of half past six mental wrecks and you have an overspicy, unsimmered, tepid curry that is bound to play havoc with the bowels of our body politic.

2. a willful disregard of judicious application of the Perak Constitution by HRH in installing a new government once the previous one frogged itself out of existence after tryng to initiate a rousing croak carnival initially (remember Bota: guess who started it). Such disregard being perpetuated by a motley band of imbeciles masquerading as constitutional lawyers, law professors, democracy warriors, marketplace speakers and sundry social pariahs and failures who have wormed themselves out through the gutter into Main street.
There you have it, pat and sweet, as to why our economy is in a malaise while others grow by leaps and bounds amidst more stable climes. And to further compound the problem we have loser half-breds lacking the grace and dignity to accept decisions with equanimity and their minion supporters, sundry charlatans and belligerent acolytes who purposely prolong the pain with their inane comments and even worse ,with their imbecile impersonations of the road roller and other such contraptions. Any surprises as to why we are in the state we are in?

Perak is a microcosm of Malaysia in turmoil. It is the prism through which we can view of what is to come when opportunist oppositionists blow up minority inferiority complexes in the public domain and inflate minor problems to mythic proportions and intransigently demand the dismantling of what has hitherto been a successful political paradigm to cater for the warped , bigoted and obscurantist views of a selfish minority who have no right to call themselves genuine Malaysians in the first place ( being the descendants of the first wave of immigrants from distant shores). A heady yet incendiary cocktail of Chinese bigots, Indian extremists and Malay obscurantists have all frothed and foamed in the decanter for so long that it only required a foreign sponsored chameleon to arrive on the scene and unhinge the cover with its prehensile brain for the toxic fumes to escape and waft through our political landscape. Now, as the putrid slime of our self styled "liberal" fermentation oozes into every nook and corner of Malaysian life, it is little wonder the foreigners have had enough and are beating a hasty retreat for the exits...too late for moments of remorse and reflection now for some who had sown discord and fanned the fires of enmity in the first place (humbugs!!):
"Lim (Guan Eng) said only a stable government would be able to ensure economic growth and development in the state. "

And once we have weaklings who readily acquisciece to every demand and offer mind-boggling concessions while conveniently disregarding genuine indigenous support, in the vain hope of lassoing back a stampeding herd bent on running away from once verdant fields , we have the all the right ingredients for the perfect storm.

Aside: Lower borrowing costs are also encouraging consumers to spend. Bank Indonesia has cut its benchmark interest rate for six straight months, with Governor Boediono last lowering the key rate by a quarter-point to 7.25 percent on May 5, the lowest since the measure was introduced in July 2005.

Comment: this is precisely what I had been calling for (in 2 of my previous posts)but the Old Maid seems to be a stubborn and miserly housekeeper!

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