Monday, May 04, 2009

Penanti Menanti Untuk Menipu Diri

Penanti awaits with bated breath as to whether there will be a contest that will see Mr Ringgit swaggering through its dusty streets for the next 3 weeks or so seeing that the murky economic scenario has cut local spending which the penniless State government is in no state to compensate.

Thus, a plan is hatched to lure Mr Ringgit into town and what a convoluted plan it is.

1. It involved this guy resigning under an illusionary cloud of corruption which he duly did, having presumably been promised something meatier in return. Of course, the whole fiasco benefited someone's personal agenda (who wanted to purge his mistake) which in turn scratched the back of another's agenda (who yearned for a more effective deputy).

2. This involved putting this fellow up as the candidate who in the long run will counterbalance and eventually vanquish this warlord. Talk about a precise surgical strike to excise a cancerous growth....

3. Seeing that the enemy was dithering and leery of biting the bait despite the pressure, the sandiwara commenced its run, the plot of which was endorsed by this sleepy trojan. The action took another twist on the eve of the other tribe's meeting where a decision had to be made. What better way to wring a positive outcome than by affecting a split, pretending discord and announcing tumult. Of course, it would not do if no calls to unite were issued to make everything that is happening sound credible. And to put some icing the cake, this rotting giant of a red herring is trundled out of the ramshackle warehouse and a paralysed lion roars his feeble meow on cue.

Once the bait is taken, a 3-5 million windfall of taxpayers money is going to rain down on the dying businesses of Penanti and we will have to sit through another charade as "the circus comes to town" episode being re-run ala Fawlty Towers and Yes Minister......LOL

The same game was played at BS. You have been warned BN, by an equally prescient observer

Why? Because after the broken nose, red cheeks and scalded rump inflicted by the Malay/Pribumi polity in BS, BG and Btg Ai, PKR and PAS desperately need to prolong the illusion that they are in control of the Malay vote. What better place to affirm that LIE than in the heartland of a bastion ( a surefire 65& in the bag) and make some moolah for the zombie electorate in return for their favours....

Revert: Next up, the screenplay for Kota Raja is being scripted and that's worthy of another post and perhaps a movie in technicolor.

Buffalo: To think that some of these people call themselves Muslims and 'alims at that...........Tok shit...moooooooooooooooo

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