Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poor Farish Noor..... finding his way still............

"Traditional logic need not be abandoned though; it is often preserved through modification of axioms governing what truth and falsity values are acceptable."

Read this first for the laughs and then read on below, to watch how i undress, a socio-cultural Frankenstein who thinks he is the Almighty's gift to local sopo commentating.

One of the most enduring ways of subtly pushing an ulterior agenda is to concoct a lie and burnish it senseless with constant repetition from diverse sources with the same hidden agenda until the sheen of truth shines through the darkness of deceit. Desperate times breed desperate men even from seemingly erudite, intellectuals who are wont to sell their soul for the gold of Mammon and the soul of Glory. One such lie being forever perpetuated ever since that fateful day in early March 2008, when the sky literally fell onto the the local political barn is the corny thesis that PAS reaped its bountiful harvest from the scythes and sickles wielded by the PKR and the DAP. Nothing can be further from the truth but the fact that this lie has lost its lustre of falsehood and gained the glint of truth is indicative of how intellectually depraved substantial segments of the local polity have become. Lets get a few facts straight:

FACT 1: PAS gained nothing but a pittance of saliva from its association with PKR and DAP, 89196 blobs of spittle to be precise...... .

1,140,676 (14.05%) 1,509,080 (18.58%) 1,118,025 (13.77%)

GE 2004
1,051,480 (15.2%) 617,518 (8.9%) 687,340 (9.9%)

GE 1999
994,279 (14.99%)

The three snapshots of the popular vote garnered by PAS tells the whole story in a truthfully decent way doesnt, it?. Compared to 2004 , PAS' % share of the vote fell 1.15% but it managed to squeeze out another 89196 votes. Compare that with PKR's whopping 891,562 gain ( a staggering 144%) and the DAP's more modest 430,685 (62%) hike. Now, tell me who is lying, Mr Farish Noor? You or Miss Truth?

Secondly, the % pattern for PAS tells an equally damning tale, its vote bank has reached saturation point (around 15%) . Hence, no amount of dancing to the PKR/DAP tune will bring them Chinese and Indians to vote for the party as its (PAS) Malay/muslim members were obviously conned into doing so for the PKR and DAP scavengers in the non-heartland states.

FACT 2. The Bulk of PAS' vote came from the Malay heartland at the expense of UMNO, no DAP and PKR in sight there except in one or two urban areas.

If you look at the figures ( and I am averring that the state/parliament vote patterns hold true, given a negligible 1-3% deviation) we have Perlis + Kedah + Kelantan + Terengganu providing = 29,698 + 250,028 + 313,575 +(roughly 120,000: terengganu) = 713,000+ votes or approxiamtely 63% of the total popular votes. This was enough to garner PAS a total of 16 (70%) of Parliamentary seats and 63 (76%) of its state seats. Evidently, the Malay vote carried the day for PAS and no DAP or PKR rubber can erase that fact.

FACT 3 : Lets turn to the 20 seats, it won in the West Coast supposedly on the Non-Malay Undi Ehsan and enjoy Miss Truth stripping off her bra to suckle us with the milk of fact from her pendelous, jiggly breasts:

Penang : 1 seat (Permatang Pasir : Malay voter % = 72%)

Perak : 4 seats :

1. Titi Serong : Malay (75%) / Non- Malay (25%)
2. Gunung Semanggol : Malay (80%) / Non-Malay (20%)
3. Selinsing : Malay (70%) / Non-Malay (30%)
4. Lubok Merbau : Malay (70%) /Non-Malay (30%)

1. Hulu Kelang ; (malay= 81.3%)
2. Gombak Setia ( Malay = 80%)
3. Sijangkang (Malay = 66.5%)
4. Selat Kelang (Malay= 64.4%)
5. Bangi ( Malay = 64.5%)

Negeri Sembilan:
1. Paroi (Malay =65%)

Pahang :
1.Beserah (Malay=73%)
2. Kuala Semantan ( Malay (77%)

Which leaves Farish grasping for the wind of his fart, to support his fatous claim that old man PAS leaned on the shoulders of ertswhile nemesis DAP and the toddler PKR to cross the finish line. He has got 5 chances left. So lets start with Singai Abong, Johore:

Sungai Abong in the Bakri parliamentary seat was always there for the taking once local favie Chua Jui Meng was unceremoniously jettisoned, Er Teck Hwa (DAP) scrapped home with 722 votes, the bulk of which would have surely come with disillusioned MCA supporters from Sungai Abong and that "tempias" fell kindly for the Pas guy. Enough said.

Maharani ( M=54% C=42.5 % I= 2.8%), the classic even stevens seat, where the Chinese vote swung decisively to give a slim 158 majority, scenarios, albeit with bigger majorities, repeated in Lembah Jaya and Cempaka ( Selangor) and to a lesser extent Meru, the only seats where PAS triumphed in an ecelectic electoral mix.Further, note that the higher tolls, inflation, internecine UMNO warfare all were all simmering in the cooking pots of these urban ghettoes. But again, that is not always the case as Rantau, Kota in NS will attest. So based on this brief analysis it is evident that the "Great Intellectual" has legislated a lie into the folds of the local polity's crotch.A heinous LIE that he continues to perpetuate even when of the 7 Parliamentary seats won outside Kelantan, Trengganu and Kedah, 3 were obvously Malay strongholds:

1. Parit Buntar ( M=67%) of Gunung Semanggol, Hisbul Muslimin fame et al.,

1. Shah Alam (M= 69%)

1. Titiwangsa (M=67%)

In Bukit Gantang, the Chinese vote from DAP state bastion, Kuala Sepetang was decisive, (as it was to do so again in the 2009 byelections). Kuala Selangor ( M=63%) probably followed a similar narrative.

This brings us to Hulu Langat (M=52%) where for all its savvy, PAS scrapped home by 1,000+ votes which leaves..gong please......Kota Raja to coronate an imbecile's stinking fart . Yeah good ol, Kota Raja(M= 47%), where an Indian stood against the Passite and lost his ommapoddi from even the local injuns in the process..hahahaha!

This brings us to the eternal conundrum, why do people still believe in charlatans, fraudsters, conman and other sundry poseurs who have obviously sold their integrity for a spittle and who will stoop to any lengths to defraud and con the innocent simpleton. I scratch my arse and give up on that one but me paw told me once that the road to mental colonisation begins once our ships of reason capsize in our storm of desire and we mentally castarate ourselves and willingly assume the role of thought eunuchs to be sodomised repeatedly by an idiot's priapetic thrusts. Good observation by the prescient ol man!! Now, farish dare to reply if u care or you dont have the testicular fortitude for that!

You are still finding your way, Farish? great..keep Nikki Aziz company and keep walking in secular ooops....circular loops ..hahahahaha LOL

Revert: Dei stupid fella, Faris, I am not finished with your high-falutin "treatise" yet and of course, your latest garbage wherein you spout even more drivel.........

Kaka (my new sidekick): wish more people could read this............ka ka ka ka

Revert: they can as anyone can lift this to their blogsites.

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