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Contemplations For Ramadhan

Hadith No. 2Imam Sajjad (A.S.) and the Month of RamadhanImam Sadiq (A.S.) said: With the advent of the month of Ramadhan, Imam Ali Ibn al-Hussain (A.S.) would cease to speak about anything except dua, tasbeeh (glorification of Allah), isteghfar (seeking forgiveness) and takbeer (saying ‘Allahu Akbar’). Al-Kafi, vol. 4, pg. 88

A Quick Checklist of Ramadhan

Make a resolve to win the maximum favour of Allah by performing extra voluntary prayers (Nawaafil), making frequent Du'a and increased remembrance (Dhikr).

Try to recite some Quran after every Prayer. In fact if you read 3-4 pages after every Prayer you can easily finish the entire Quran in Ramadan!

Study the Tafseer (commentary) every morning.

Invite a person you are not very close with or your relatives to your home for Iftar, at least once a week. You will notice the blessings in your relationships!

Bring life to your family! Everyday, try to conclude the fast with your family and spend some quality time together to understand each other better.

Give gifts on 'Eid to at least 5 people: 2 to your family members, 2 to your good friends, and 1 to a person whom you love purely for the sake of Allah.

Make commitment to join Islamic study circles or Halaqas to learn more about Islam and improve your own life.

Donate generously to the masajid, Islamic organizations, and any where people are in need or oppressed. "This is a month of sharing!"

Share Ramadan and its teachings of peace & patience with your neighbours.

Sleep little, eat little! Make sure you do not defeat the purpose of fasting by over-indulging in food and being lazy.

Seek the rare and oft-neglected rewards of 'the night better than a 1000 months', Laylatul-Qadr.

Weep in private for the forgiveness of your sins: It is the month of forgiveness and Allah's Mercy! It's never too late.

Learn to control your tongue and lower your gaze. Remember the Prophet's warning that lying, backbiting, and a lustful gaze all violate the fast!

Encourage others to enjoin and love goodness, and to abandon everything that Allah dislikes. Play the role of a Da'ee (one who invites to Allah) with zeal, passion, and sympathy.

Experience the joy of Tahajjud prayers late at night and devote yourself purely and fully to Allah in the I'tikaf retreat during the last 10 days of Ramadan.

Imam Baqir (peace be upon him) has said: "One, who remains awake on the 23rd night of the month of Ramadhan and offers one hundred raka’ts of prayers (salaat) in it, Allah shall:

  • Increase his livelihood in this world,

  • Suffice for him against (the evils of) one, who harbours enmity towards him,

  • Protect him from burns, collapses, thefts and wild animals,

  • Repel from him the fright of Munkar and Nakeer (in the grave )

  • He shall emerge from his grave (On the Day of Judgment) such that his radiance would be an illumination for the entire assemblage

  • He shall be given his Book (of Deeds) in his right hand..,

  • And for him shall be written the pardon from the fire (of Hell),...

  • And the permission to cross the Siraat,...

  • And immunity from the Chastisement.

  • He shall enter Paradise without Reckoning,

(And there), he shall be placed in the company of the Prophets, the Truthful Ones, the Martyrs and the Righteous Ones... ..... and (how) excellent are these as companions !"
{Wasaail al-Shia’h, vol. 8, pg. 19.}

Often Imam Ali (a.s.) used to raise his voice during the nights in the city of Kufa so as to be heard by every one: "Prepare for a journey and do good deeds with what you have been blessed, for what lies in front is a difficult road full of obstacles and frightening junctions from which there is no escape." (AL BIHAR, VOL. 71, PAGE 176).

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