Monday, April 26, 2010

Pete Vanezis : the Bane of Woemen

Pete Vanezis is your normal avuncular next door grandpa more likely to be ferreting out the truth from dead bodies than thinking about hair dyes and weirdo dressing. Sadly, his is not the world of cheap sensationalism and an even cheaper sense of decent behaviour. Neither is he fraught with the fear of growing old or entrapped in the obsession of forever looking young with oodles of foundation and mascara masking all the ravavges of time and that of an infernal disease.

This is a man of science who fervently believes in seeking empirical evidence, who insists on using contemporary proven tools of inquiry rather than fanciful cheapskate gadgets that carry even fancier acronyms like GT200. Nor is he likely to announce dramatically to the world with all the attendant fanfare and brouhaha that he had just discovered that 80 men trussed up and stacked atop each other in 4 x 4 space within a stuffy lorry had died of asphyxiation, something even a ten year old kid can divine with no fancy divining rod in hand.

Hei, Pete is more liable to be caught curled up, cardigan and all, on a balmy cool English autumn evening, with the latest tome on that macabre science called pathology rather than be spending time in front of flashing cameras painstakingly exonerating guilty parties of butchering innocents. Nor is he likely to wilt like a walllflower under the intimidatory tactics of a gangster masquearding as a legal eagle or accuse the mafia of having taken a hit out on him to avoid testimony when caught with pants down.

That's Pete Vanezis for you and that's why those who love the sensationalism of bogus hocus pocus will not warm to this gentleman as conventional, right-thinking people like you and me would.....

Hop over here : for a peek into the life and times of a genuine scientist.

For a quickie on the GT 200, go here :

Feel free to scroll down to "government response" and pay particular attention to the slut whores who vehemently vouchsafe their faith in a charlatan's old kitchen cutlery set with their lives and make up ur minds as to their expertise and sanity or insanity. Explains somewhat, their equally pigheaded views elsewhere despite evidence to the contrary.

Then go here:

Revert: Hey, these simple village folks lives do not amount to a drop of urine for the filthy rich lawyers and liberal snobs who people our civil society landscape. After all those villagers are Moslems, right?

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