Thursday, August 19, 2010

Truth for TBH : The Real Story (Part 1)

It was indeed an unabashed show of low-budget theatre. A tacky postmenopausal grandmother hogging the limelight surrounded by surly burly minders, accompanied by a mean-looking bearded weirdo, a bespectacled Chingkie suckling crawling in Paki Muslim skin and a coterie of bamboozled imbeciles awestruck by “pure genius” in motion all ushered in backstage by a posse of hapless local policemen and court officials assigned the thankless task of ushering a tasteless bitch to her kennel of skullduggery from where she will yap her nonsense

Indeed high drama played out in a Muslim’s month of willful submission to the One and Only Almighty. Befitting indeed also in a month when hungry ghouls presumably stalk the streets to wolf down free petrified ducks and dumbstruck suckling pigs while grog in hand, they sashay to the pulsating beat of Cantopop and the suggestive semi-porno performances of scantily clad painted wenches gyrating their hips for a ghoulishly macabre sexual séance with their invisible wraiths. Yes, an equally tacky modern Chinese porno-opera to satiate the Insatiables played out on the streets of Malaysia while the neighbourhood Imam recites the sublime bequest within the Holy Quran as the faithful prostrate their ego before Allah azza wa jalla. 1Malaysia in a snapshot, a kaleidoscope of the profane and the sacred melded within the writhing soul of a tortured country. (ah…....Cry MY Beloved Country, indeed!)

I wonder whether he flitted silently through, wearied by all his worldly woes, a wretched soul trapped in a surgically scarred temple whose repose forever disturbed by absurdly macabre claims, a family caught in a web of Promothean deceit grieving in his wake , his Insatiable living brethren feasting on the defiled corpse of his past denying him the very silence he sought once he fell through life’s window into the laps of inscrutable fate. Or did he partake in all that gaiety minus all that levity…..?

Yaeh…closure denieth to a wandering soul hungry for solitude and peace but fed with pain and despair. Surely as he weeps over the sepulcher of his dreams , he must be cursing the day he set his sunken eyes on a pack of hyenas only to sacrifice his gaunt frame on their altars of expediency; collateral damage of vaulting dreams arching through ambitious bodies.
And so the daylight stage was set in an august courtroom. Exit dancing sluts, singing minstrels, the yamsenging, wolf-whistling rabble, enter old political dogs accompanied by pot bellied, sand swilling MBs, young tykes and curs calling themselves MPs, the resident ball carrier pseudo-Malays, all baying for a plateful of sensationalism, a dash of slapstick, a spoonful of pathos and a sliver of self-righteousness. Filing the gallery like a menagerie of cattle, dogs, chicken and donkeys, they mooed for action, barked for putdowns and clucked for lies while braying like donkeys when Mr Paki decided to play cameo for kicks. And did their favie thespian disappoint?. Not by an iota. Her script memorized,, her delivery synchronized, her confidence cauterized, she rose to a cacophony of cheers even as a chorus of jeers drowned her nemesis.

Clad in a tight fitting top to accentuate whatever was left of her sagging silicone curves, a skirt hugging her dawdling bum, hair coiffured to perfection ala trademark street punk, she wowed them speechless with her quick repartee, mock sarcasm, strident self righteousness ( yeah the same person who shortchanged hundreds of dead Thais cos they were Muslims). Insomniac ghosts returning from their late night revelry must have yodeled in delight at her gumption. Sensationalism oozing from every pore of disclosure, dripping from every syllable of defiance, trickling through every fallacious statement slowly percolated the courtroom, permeating stupefied brains and petrified minds. Her fawning rabble licked her every word, swallowed every lie, drank every deceit and walked away as the bell tolled noon screaming “hell ah u yah”, we are vindicated for he was surely murdered.

But was he really? Hell ah u yah! as surely as they will burn in hell.

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