Sunday, November 14, 2010

PBAPP Water Scandal (part 1): Lim Guan Eng Misled the Penang State Assembly

Preamble: This blog prides itself on an unspoken but strictly adhered to time honoured principle: No questions or accusations without facts. It is a code of honour that is the mark of respect I owe to my small coterie of readers. Salacious though the details may be, mere hearsay, sexy rumours or steamy shenanigans will never see the light of day here unless I have in my OWN possession, the proverbial smoking gun. Even then, though no angel nor apostle, I will hold to the Islamic principle of "tutup aib" unless it involves public trust, monies etc for I hold that it is in His Benevolence and Mercy to reveal the personal and conjugal hypocrisy of the pretentious slimeballs and charlatans in our midst of which there are many. Believe me, that has happened once too many already at His Bidding and as a humble servant will let the Almighty to do His Will.

Back to the topic at hand, today's revelation will be about a LIAR who swore CHANGE over the corpse of his CAT. Yes, a CAT that lies buried in a public sepulchre as this evil man does his bidding unmolested, hoodwinking all and sundry with his cheapskate talk and empty threats.

Apart from the plastic bag shenanigans that has drawn plenty of flak and which I will show is a sleight of hand environmental trick conjured by Guano, the mismanagement of public enterprises is one of the hallmarks of Lim Guan Eng's fledgling administration. Today, I will reveal to you that Lim Guan Eng LIED to the Penang State Assembly when explaining away the shameful profit shortfall of Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang (PBAPP) when winding debate on the 2011 Supply Bill.

That the said lie was purposely made to highlight his regime's socalled caring attitude is obvious in his press statements available here and here. The statements contained therein are almost wholly fabrications to cover up his and his management teams ineptitude. They are substantially at variance with the reasons provided to the shareholders as the screen capture of the 2009 PBAPP Annual Report (see below) reveals.

Ancillary question: Has Lim Guan Eng also LIED to PBAPP Sdn Bhd's shareholders given these conflicting statements?

Further, Lim Guan Eng also COVERED-UP for his and his underlings' inefficiencies by not revealing that Non-Revenue Water loss (NRW) had increased by 3% from 16 to 19% which thus affected Profit After Tax. This despite such losses has been continually reduced by the previous management and additional capital invetsments being made in FY 2009 to further reduce such losses.

Ancillary Question : a) Can Lim Guan Eng and gang account what happened to a substantial portion of the 63.22 million litres of NRW lost of which I conservatively estimate an additional RM 2 million in income is accruable.

b) Are such losses 100% NRW or are these figures fabrications designed to hide skimming into slush accounts?

I move that Lim Guan Eng be cited for misleading the Assembly and be referred to the Committe of Privileges for further action .

I also move that Public Accounts Committee of the Assembly peruse the accounts of the PBAPP or better still, the SPRM be called in to go through PBAPP's books.

I will be back with more revelations pertaining to the PBAPP scandal as well as other sacndals brewing in the public sector hidden away under the corpse of the dead CAT. Remember, I am not done with the Plastic Bags ban fiasco.

PBAPP Annual Report, 2009 (page 8)


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