Sunday, March 30, 2008

Of Rejection and Acceptance

Sometimes life is an inscrutable mystery that yanks away the shades of illusion we put on to shield ourselves from the sunlight of reality. I am talking about things in general, about how much we yearn to control the patterns of existence but are often tripped up by the troubles that bound merrily into our existence unbeknown and unwelcome. So much so when the train of reality rams into the facade of illusions that we cocoon ourselves within, the pain of afterthought and realisation is numbing to say the least. You must be wondering what the hell this rambling piece is all about but hold your horses for it is actully born from a deep seated angst that rails against the world and its many injustices. Lest you think that this is another tepid article moping about the unfair world and me.. read on for you will discover echoes of similarities in your own existence.

A colleague proudly intimated to my sister that he had been promoted recently which is all well and good for him and...her. But the funny thing was that the piercing screams of afterthought awakened her to the fact that in terms of performance, productivity and what have you.. she was miles ahead and that somehow the recognition she so silently hankered after has flitted by to settle on something so undeserving, and a funny sort of self acknowledgement percolated from within that her turn is wallowing itself at the gates of abeyance..that it will come soon .... blah..blah.. blah when she knows deep that down twenty years of waiting has seen numerous busloads of opportunities zip past her outstretched hopes as she wait forlornly at the bus stops of life. Envy? Nah .. not a bit, she intimated. Instead there is a sense of resignation welling from the depths of her soul that no matter whatever concotions of hard work and dedication conjured, the outcome will be the much so that this air of acceptance suffusing her very being is both calming and balming the hurt of rejection and failure. Probably, that is life's inscrutable way of ironing away the wrinkles of dejection while at the same time hinting that her rezeki lies hidden in the shades of elsewhere.

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