Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Last Days

The recent upheaveals in society, economics and politics portend the onset of the last days as foretold aeons ago by the great prophets. Irrespective of race, religion or creed, humanity is confronted with a spectre of its total annihilation. It is an event that will creep into every home, touch every soul and tear asunder every dream. Like Death stalking in stealth, these events will crush hopes and vanquish illusions so lovingly nurtured within the sheltered innocence of our puny little worlds. There will not be a soul left untouched nor a body left unbroken by the seemingly interminable squalls of chaos that will buffet the sails of our cherished dreams and roil the calm waters around the ark of our peaceful existence. Yet within the horror of the forthcoming Holocaust, lie the seeds of revival and the rejuvenation of Mankind. To be these seeds of New Tomorrows, I humbly call upon you to submit to Allah and His ordained Way, Islam, so as not to perish in a maelstorm of mythic proportions.

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