Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Dollop of American Spit for Malaysian Lapdogs

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urges Malaysia to ensure a “transparent” investigation into sex misconduct allegations against Anwar ibrahim. “One of the things that we have said is that we want to see transparency and for the rule of law to be completely followed here.”
Picked this up from a cyber rag that claims itself to be news portal dedicated to being unbiased in its approach to news and views. Again yet another humbug at work for it hardly entertain "pests" with contrarian viewpoints lest the house of cards collapses onto itself and King, Queen and the Court Jester vamoosh into their castle of despair. Mirror image of the MSM..... i suppose.

Anyway, what is so novel in the world nowadays when the arch hypocrite itself, the US of A, babbles about transperancy and the rule of law while the shenanigans of Gitmo stinks to high heaven. Plop on a dollop of pure unadulterated Yankee Jam manufactured from privacy violations and civil liberties limitations of the the Patriots Act (see 1, 2 and 3 below) and the merry massacres at Falluja and Kandahar etcetra and you get a well toasted slice of real Gringo hypocrisy buttered by doublespeak and served with a cup of poison ivy. Methinks that these high jinks are the product of feverish lobbyists stalking the dark and grimy corridors of Capitol Hill like a malevolent wolf(-owitz) and alkazzam u have a flock of concern to be dovetailed very soon by the hawks of infernal threats. And back home, in tiny bolehland, the rats of perversion scuttle about hither and tither to batten up their puny straw hatches against the impending wrath of a malevolent former paramour as their ship lists ever more precariously each passing day with the sharks of oppurtunity circling around gnashing their teeth in anticipation of the Sixteenth of Ides while the slaves of circumstance lament their daily sufferings enchained as they are to Karma of life in the bowels below.
Ah........the illiterate rabble ...... ever ready at a moments notice to lap up the swill of deceit concoted by the Spinmeisters of the world. Pseudo-islamists: and liberal secularists : raising their cudgeons in support, embracing each other in coquettish delight and pouring out in unanimity to lick the dregs of lies as they cavort about with their arses raised to be sodomised for eternity by the Devil's Incarnate itself-that diabolical Beast so fondly known as the US of A- in a Bacchanalia of Mephistophelean frenzy... .
Revert - Wonder what that infernal contraption "Democracy" will conjure up next, my dear buffalo!!

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Francis said...

Ha ha! Quite an emotional ranting rather than a constructive input. Malaysia too criticises the US, and many of its leaders did that many times. For them to do so is normal just like we have seen malaysia's leaders doing so as well. But if there is a problem in this country, it is caused by its leaders and not the US. So, let's start with the ruling leaders and see what we can do. Lashing at the US doesn't improve our standards or our economy or our institutions. And we know we deserve criticism because we have some of the worst institutions in the world. Blaming others whenever we have a problem, developing a siege mentality and cursing others doesn't treat anyone. It shows the scandalous mind of its owners. Lets grow, and grow out of this mantality of hating everyone and blaming others for our problems. Any strong country will comment on the issues of others. That's has been man's history unless of course you have hard a new one. Malaysia is the largest trader of the US as a Muslim country and we send all bright students to the US spending billions. May be we should switch to Burma, N.Korea and Zimbabwe if that will make Islam and Muslims grow. Sheesh!