Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hypocrites, Sickos and Perverts Galore

Dont the antics of our politicians sicken you? Today, i read in a noncyber rag of a prominent politician issuing a veiled warning against anyone purpotedly casting aspersions about his relationship with the US. That came after this blogger raised several queries about his true colours in a preceding post. Well..if he doesnt want to answer those queries that's his business but to issue veiled threats.. that's something else. Anyway, what about another humbug talking about his party's tete a tete with another as merely meetings after for so long giving everyone the run around as to his true intentions and to think that his spiritual adviser hinted at an emerging theocracy. Is it on or not? If everything is only yakkity yak, why must another dimwit from another "tribe" request everything be conducted on a step by step basis as if all this is a walk in the park. Further, hardly 24 hours before someone else talked about lowering oil prices at the pump, it has gone up by another US $4 on the spot market.... so jadi ke tak jadi now?. All this shenanigans just further augments my belief that being in the news and playing monkey tricks on a gullible rabble has become the raison d'etre of many a polly in the local scene and if this what democracy can throw up, then its time to rethink about the whole system before the country goes to dogs...come to think about it.. even dogs can spin better!

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