Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Change or No Change

When people talk about local politics, the word 'change' invariably crops up. In fact, change is bandied about to be the panacea for our woes. Lest, we are croppered by this magical word .. one should question whether Change can really effect Change? Changing something old for something fresh is like greeting a waft of fresh air to blow away the stink that permeates our socio-political environment. But to effect change.. we need something new not stale damaged goods. For to change something just for the sake of change is nothing more than deluding ourselves that everything will change for the better now that a change has been made. To put it simply, if the change can bring about a meaningful paradigm shift in society then well and fine. but if otherwise, then woe be upon us. The signs are not good that the former will prevail. A penchant for the dramatic, a pathological tendency to spin half truths and lies, an addiction to evasion and an obsession with pleasing different groupies on different occasions are not the hallmarks of a genuine purveyor of change. Add to that, the fact that change is being effected within the same socio-political paradigm and we have all the ingredients of a change for the worse not a change for the better. What this nation needs , is not change but a thorough cleansing and to do that we need to think out of the box and look for new paradigms through which to effect lasting change. In short, jettisoning the old way and embracing the new. To do that, we need a new framework and democracy certainly does not offer any positives on that score

Revert: I think i need a change of clothes : )

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