Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Of Audience, Truth,Chaos and Malaysiakini

Why write when readership is minimal or none? A question posed to me by my friend over a plate of nasi dalca in Bagan Serai yesterday. Well, i dont write for an audience, i write for myself. If the page hits are good and the comments are flowing in non-stop, well and good. If otherwise, well and good too. For ultimately, i write because i want to and love to. Its a form of intellectual therapy that balms away the stresses and creases of daily existence. But beyond that, i write because i need to seek the truth in my own little way. In an atavistic universe, where truth and perception have congealed into a suffocating mist, writing and doing background research is one way for me to arrive at the actual nature of events before they were twisted beyond the pale of redemption.

i am not in this for the money for i am not paid anything for my pains.. yes sirree not even a penny farthing and the absence of page views is not going to gather in the moolah either from would be advertisers. But i persevere because deep down, i believe that we as a nation are rooted firmly in an existential cul de sac with a ruling party so thorughly discredited that no one will deign to touch it with a barge pole and an equally inept opposition led by has beens and flashy politicians spouting drivel. So much so the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is nothing more than a flickering candle in its death throes as the flames consume the last strands of the blackened wick. Short of a sea change in events and the emergence of a government led by responsible and conscientious technocrats sans the gutter politicking and bitchy bickering, i cannot realistically imagine how this runaway train can brake itself from an impending wreck.
The spiralling cost of living, the spluttering economy, the lack of integrity in the local bourse with regard to accounting standards and sanctity of the contract, the shenanigans enveloping the police and judiciary and above all, the racket created by the boisterous jousting of third-rate politicians from both sides of the divide are all indicative of an impending systemic collapse. A collapse that will surely release whatever that remains within Pandora's box that will continue to haunt us for years to come. Speedily but surely we are chugging at breakneck speed towards the abyss, lest some authority be it the king or the army intervene and turn things around.
Revert: Maybe, i'll get a Malaysiakini subscription to boost my ratings :)

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Anonymous said...

Pls keep up your writing 'indefatigably', I did truly enjoy some of what you wrote you-know-where (guess ,)

I've bookmarked this blog as a 'Favourite' & will make time read your past postings. Peace, okay & best wishes.