Monday, August 04, 2008

Of Flags and Men

Some cranks are displaying the national flag in the most obscene of manners probably after imbibing the dregs of their own self-importance. Reeking of cheap liqour and clothed in even cheaper rationales, these self styled Protectors of Freedom, Equality and the Malaysian way of life have banded together in an unholy union to desecrate the national symbol purpotedly to protest against the oppression of the masses by the local politico tyrants. Me thinks that their alcohol oppressed brains are floating in cloud cuckoo land as what has the flag ( a permanent symbol of sovereignity and nationhood) got to do with the government of the day which comes and goes at the rabble's pleasure once every 4 to 5 years after puerile and periodic displays of banana democracy in action.

Apparently, these imbeciles think they are above the law. Thus it is beholden on the authorities to not construe their disparaging act as a manifestation of an undeveloped/underdeveloped intellect or the childish outburst of infantile thoughts. Me thinks, a period of reflection and sobriety in the slammer would do them a world of good especially when one of them is a smart arse lawyer himself.
Revert: this is what you get when the monkeys of cyberspace are given that teeny weeny bit of banana freedom!

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