Monday, August 04, 2008

Petroleum : Fantasy and Reality

Some smart aleck pol is talking through his arse again and what he says are morsels of truth for the beguiled masses cramping town halls and cyber dens with nothing better to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Throw in a name here and authority there and presto.. you have the rabble eating off your palms.. well almost.. for the so called expert cited by the maestro himself, Messrs. Anwar Ibrahim, namely, Daniel Yergin has been widely debunked to be nothing more than a professional charlatan coralling in millions in consultancy fees by generating dud reports and hocus pocus predictions. See: and the comments.Yeah, the same Yergin who is now backtracking on his earlier claims in the above link that oil would settle at lower than RM 100.00 a barrel!!:

"It's not that the genie is out of the bottle -- it's that 100 genies are out of the bottle," said Daniel Yergin, chairman of Cambridge Energy Research Associates. Normally known for optimistic forecasts of lowering oil prices, Mr. Yergin's firm now says the price could rise to $150 a barrel this year. (

So folks before you get randy over the whole affair and end up being intellectually sodomised by a gaggle of savvy charlatans, do some research and read up the issues lest you slip slide away on a spittle of snake oil spat with aplomb by Mr Consummate Charisma himself in all his naked glory.
Revert : Another dollop of spittle for those who peddle snake oil to the gullible masses under the guise of democracy and freedom of speech! Ptui!!

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