Monday, September 15, 2008

The End of the World as We know It

"It's clear we're one step away from a financial meltdown," said Nouriel Roubini, chairman of the consulting firm RGE Monitor.;_ylt=AhhpOmzjaaiEEu3pjAUfjO2s0NUE

While vultures of various subspecies circle a tottering prey in Malaysia, a leviathan is confronted with its own demise elsewhere. Battered by storms, both economic and natural, the US of A is now beginning to buckle under the weight of its past iniquities. This is indeed welcome news, for the collapse of the Great Satan is the prelude to the birth of a new tommorrow. A tomorrow devoid of much of the canker that ruined many a nation and immortally poisoned many a mind.

America's death as an economic powerhouse could well herald a momentary period of chaos as the flailing monster unleashes its final salvo, in the form of a global war against Islam. A war that is inevitable as the fading supernova on the Christmas tree tries with one last effort to reassert its authority and resurrect the utterly corrupt and bankrupt ideology of secularism festooned with the riboons of Christianity, Judaism and the polytheistics faiths. Standing in the way of this ogre , the nascent reawakening of Islamic supremacy helmed by the Mahdi, who will be making his much anticipated appeareance soon. Together with Isa alMasih( yes.. his second Coming is well nigh near), this upright leader of the forces of Good will triumph over the Dajjal and the Kuffar in the valleys of the Middle East, a battle that will see the total obliteration of that bastard child, Israel, begotten by the American pimp and his British whore. This will be followed by a total submission of the unbelievers to the forces of Islam and the establishment of a new world order of true justice and freedom under the banners of Islam. The geopolitical alignments on the world stage currently taking place are the herald of portentious events about to unfold.

As i blogged earlier, i do not foresee, the Bush administration scooting away in embarassment into the shadows over its abject failure in steering the American economy and its body politic. With its economy teetering on the brink of total collapse and the American Dream metamorphising into an American Nightmare, the Bush administartion would have no other recourse other than to beat the drums of war and ratchet up the music of jingoism to revitalise the spirits of the soon to be penniless American hillybilly who had been taken on a ride on the roller coaster of capitalism seated as he is in the bucket of Materialism. A war against Islam is also in line with Bush's plan to be the Christian crusader king leading his legion into a mythic battle with what he arrogantly perceives to be the forces of Evil. A colossal miscalculation that will leave Bush and his gang of kuffar ifrits awe struck and cringing in fear as they face the wrath of Allah via his anointed Mahdi and his prophet Isa Almasih. To this effect, the release of National Security Directive No 51 ( is a harbinger of things to come such as suspension of US constitution and with it the Elections + the institutionalisation of a war cabal to pursue the clash of civilisations as postulated by that fiendish Neo-con guru, Huntington abetted by other rascals such as Lewis and Cheney. Alternatively, the sudden surge in Mccain's popularity may see him taking over the war effort, once Bush triggers the war with a tactical strike together with Israel against Iran. in any case, war is an inevitable fait accompli.

As the dust settles, the effects of this inevitable showdown will revebrate across the globe as the people welcome the rise of the sun of Islam and cheer the demise of the exploitative and inhumane Kuffar systems

So folks it is good that as the religion of secularism implodes from within its own Unholy of Unholies, its devotees elsewhere should better be aware that any victory gained to further their cause elsewhere is nothing more than a Phyrric triumph.. a fata morgana of ephemereal sensations to be soon drowned by the reality of TRUTH.

Revert : Just desserts for the suffering and misery inflicted on numerous societies under the guise of spreading the fake gospel of freedom, justice and equality and the profane catechism called democracy.


tusitala said...

Meanwhile, we, in a little land called Malaysia, are at each other's throats...

Hi Revert,
For sometime now I've been a silent reader of your blog. To me, it's a refuge from the hysteria that so marks the so-called sopo blogs. You offer a different perspective - a bit like having a balanced diet.
So blog on.
I imagine you as someone very erudite. I don't think I'm anywhere in your class but of the books you've recently read, at least I know three. The two by Orwell and Woolfe's Bonfire. Hee!
Can I make a request please? Can you use bigger text fonts... as a deference to ageing sight.
Thank You

Revert said...

Dear Tusitala
thank you very much for dropping by and my apologies for not replying earlier. i hope you enjoy the posts and good to know we share a bit of literature. I am sure you were being humble there. i have a lot to learn as well. i am trying to work out the font thingy. hope to resolve it soon.

Thanks again