Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Of Truth, lies, Pinnochio and Little birds

Masjid Kinrara sokong Teresa kena ISA
Jimadie Shah Othman Sep 15, 08 5:08pm
Pengerusi Masjid Bandar Kinrara, yang menerima petisyen membantah penggunaan pembesar suara untuk beberapa kegiatan agama, bersetuju dengan tindakan kerajaan menggunakan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) ke atas exco kanan Selangor, Teresa Kok.Abdul Rahman Nasir berkata, secara umumnya, perkara sensitif membabitkan agama "tidak boleh dimainkan"."Perkara ini tidak boleh dimainkan. Terutama sekali di negeri Selangor ini, bukan saja (berkenaan) agama Islam, tetapi apa agama pun (tidak boleh dimainkan)."Penahanan Teresa dipercayai mempunyai kaitan dengan petisyen sekumpulan 189 penduduk sekitar Seksyen 5, Bandar Kinrara yang meminta pihak masjid tersebut memperlahankan penggunaan pembesar suara untuk aktiviti keagamaannya.

At last, that notoriously biased cyberrag, Malaysiakini, has the gumption to give some balance on its take on the Teresa Kok affair. For days, this news portal was blaring incessantly that the hapless Khir Toyo was behind the shenanigans be it through its lopsided reports or its free webcasting of blogs, partisan to its viewpoints. But truth has an uneasy way of sudddenly slithering out from underneath the bedcovers of lies and cavorting coquettishly in the light of reality. The excerpt is clearly truth's spine chilling scream in the dark to all and sundry that though webs may be spun and spiel may be spouted by spinmeisters extraordinaire, the fragrant musk of certitude will always outscent the cheaply perfumed outfits that clothe many a sinister fib varnished beyond redemption.

A dab of lipstick here, a touch of rouge there and a stroke of mascara and voila! the old hag of lies is now the comely damsel of fact. Such are the silky skills of our spinmeisters who people the landscape of the MSM and cyber rags that the veneer of truth is adroitly shorn off its gloss the moment the keyboards of spin jerks into action in front of monitors befogged in smoke within newrooms hidden behind the glass facades of office towers mocking the intelligence of the proles. And to give support to these veils of deception, a phalanx of lawyers hastily swing into action to fashion a crochet of inevitably doomed applications of habeas corpus and other gobblydegook. Not to be outdone, an old toothless lion rouses itself from within its comfortable lair to bare its shrinking gums and to feebly roar a dire threat against a recalcitrant MS rag. Finally, a distraught mother wails her sorrow to all and sundry and a sassy daughter slowly metamorphises from the scum of earth into the Angel of Hope. Hark, with candlelight vigils, fulminating friars and psalms of vengeance, your beatification is complete, Saint Teresa!. Thy name the hymns of salvation, thy deeds the ink for paens , thy struggle the apocrypha by......... Through all this hagiography of deceit, Mr Truth is banished to the attic while Aunt Lie preens herself under the spotlight of infamy.

Elsewhere, for good measure, a wannabe parliment speaker concocts the sad tale of the Grim Reaper knocking on the door that houses the soul of of an obstinate upstart bent on starving himself to Sheol only to retract that shadow of a tragedy at the break of dawn. And jeepers! a double dose of truth antigen as the lovelorn wife is allowed to cuddle her "warrior" spouse for his Oscar performance with chocolates and fizzy to leave him in a tizzy after being "hungry". Apparently, his kidneys will be on overdrive as little birds serenade the jailbird!

Ah! the chutzpah of these creatures of God, so much endeavour for so trifle a quest. So many lies from both sides of the divide, that truth is lost in this forest of falsehood. But thou are never slain unvarnished truth hidden though thy may be. Resurrection will be thine redemption, the mockery of knaves soon to vanish. Squrming out from thine dungeon, ragged though thy may be, the force of thine feeble voice nuff to rock the castle of lies.
For as long as leaping ambition for power and glory prances within the breast of one man, so too would the every breath of his mean minions be devoted to pursuit of prey, using any means fair or foul. Principles and the Constitution they so revere blow in the wind, perverted illusions of feverish minds. Hark, soon Satan himself will lord over this land as Lucifer abdicates to join his gang. What? you mean both are the two sides of the same coin. Yes siree, indeed they are for what is one's flip without the other's flop. How stupid can we get? For one guy was stringing us all along as he bumbled and fumbled his way to handing his tin crown to the clown prince.....all cheap wayang mah for us masses. You see, my dear reader that is the kernel of truth behind the facdae as we proles like:
"the animals gaze from Man to Pig and Pig to Man................(Animal Farm)
A plan hatched when the prisoner was sprung and a certain visit in the dead of night followed by a dung heap of lies so effortlessly concocted that bad ol' Pinnochio's insufferable schnozzle will drop off in stupefied wonder..... but then thats another story...........
So you see, readers, the role of the local MSM and cyber press is not to report the truth but to twist it into ropes of perception that will inevitably strangle any objectivity the rational reader might endeavour to apply in his reading. Hell! let truth be strung up at the marketplace for wouldnt dear ol Mr truth set you free. It has been so, always been and will always be in this damned patch of earth.......
Revert: save for the sports pages, reliable news on this Canland can only be found on the news portals like Yahoo.But apart from the occasional chicken droppings, there is not much anyway on this forsaken global boondock or on the village clowns who strut its rickety public stage.
Buffalo: Care to comment, Anwar or is a deafening silence an elegant minuet?A Mooooooooooooooooooooooo to that!

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