Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eid ElFitr Greetings and Something else.....

Lest, i end up with egg on my face, let me explain that this blog as far as possible has based much of its commentary on reports widely available on public domain be they in cyber rags or MSMs as well as texts referred to by the writer. Despite my heavy workload at the farm, i always try my very best to allot time for research in order to write based on facts not hearsay for that would be a heresy to truth. Now let me go through some of my recent posts that have drawn me a lot of flak from strangers and friends alike:

1) The Planned Pakatan "Constitutional Coup d'etat"
Advise the Yang di Pertuan Agong for a dissolution of Parliament for the holding of fresh general election to end the seven-month political uncertainty in the country in the past seven months since the 12th general election on March 8, so as to give the Malaysian electorate an opportunity to decide whether they want a continuation of the Barisan Nasional government or a new Pakatan Rakyat federal government; or............ (from Kit Siang's blog)

The highlighted portion in red was precisely one of the more palatable options I was arguing for in my earlier posts. Only that, certain segments of society strongly averred that change could and should be effected now via a game of hop scotch and mind you this segment included members of the Bar Council itself, that infamous bar of equivocators and menacing wakils who are, at the drop of a hat, ever ready to pawn their principles and rape the constitution for a taste of power. And even worse, staunch democrats falling over each other to proclaim the morality of their nefarious plan. It now appears that certain individuals have regained their senses and sense of balance for euphoria has a certain way of inducing adrenaline fuelled vertigos which invariably terminate in free falls as the parachute of reason flaps haplessly in thin air. Hence, a toning down of empty rhetoric and a marked ratcheting down of discourse.

2. "Saint" Teresa's Inquisition

The Post regarding this latter day saint was primarily based on an article by Jimadie Shah that appeared in a largely discredited cyber rag that has become another tool of media spin. The contents of the article was in stark contrast to earlier assertions that it became incumbent for objective observers like me to highlight this fact. Strangely, the article has receded from view and has become a cyber phantom in the scheme of things. No comments on it by those directly involved and neither by the powers that be. Be that as it may, the post-release script was pre-written very much earlier..what would they serve in a dog-house but dogfood..get my drift...and the lady compunded it further by her rather reluctant admission to the faux pas only to aggravate it by her subsequent actions.... (that will be out in another post, as i gather the facts).....

3. Anwar- "the secret agent"?

Much of the material for this piece is available in public domain over cyberspace while others are available in articles and books ( certainly not by UMNO apparatchiks). They have been linked where possible and a reference list provided for your further leisurely perusal. The fact that these assertions have remained largely unrebutted is indicative of something? What? You work that out, my dear reader, suffice to say I did not weave a tale out of nothing....only that my questions seemd to have raised the heckles of certain mongrels who have resorted to issuing empty threats against myself via their minions............

4. Islam and Democracy

Largely based on a number of authoritative texts and articles written by Islamic scholars with additional commentary from Orientalists, the first instalment of this series is already up and drew a sharp rebuke from the local PAS chapter...but I remain steadfast in my view that Islam and democracy are mutually inimical. Yet, i stress that these articles are not fatwas or anything of their ilk....merely the articulation of an alternative and a valid viewpoint largely repressed by those with vested interests. (The subsequent instalments will be posted after Eid el-Fitr)
5. The PAS-UMNO Rapproachment
Again based on facts as the the relevant references imply. The arguments can plausibly be debated further but that is precisely what this blog is all about- to provoke discussion.
So there you have it folks, a clarification regarding a cross-section of articles i have posted which in no way indicate a bias based on conjecture and flights of fancy. A slew of articles is awaiting their turn especially those i had promised earlier pertaining to the Mahathir years (with focus on the economy between 1990- 2000), the 2008 elections and its implications, articles on current affairs etcetra. Keep a look out, for after Raya, this blog will have a whole new slant with diversification the key word i.e., forays into literature, sports, food, travel and a whole gamut of other interests.
P.S : Will be taking a break for Raya (a week) and during my sojourn into the Malay-Muslim heart of the heartlands where the political faultlines are marked, i will gather more information from the ground on the shenanigans in our body politic; a privilege that neutrals like me, welcome as we are by both sides of the divide, are privy too.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to my Muslim readers. Semoga Allah SWT senantiasa mencucuri RahmatNya ke atas kalian semua dan juga keatas Ummah sejagat. To all drive carefully on the road at all times.

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