Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Fruits of Liberal democracy

As they point fingers at one another and scramble to save the elite's status quo, America burns ever more. But what is interesting from this prescient article is the snippet :

``It is a classic case of socializing the risk while privatizing the profit. The Democrats and the few Republicans who oppose portfolio limitations could not possibly do so if their constituents understood what they were doing.'' : Wallison

So there you have it, yet another familiar true story that spears the myth that the greater good of society is best served via the institution of democracy. An absurdist construct that logically claims that it allows the people to make an informed choice which by going by this and other past experiences (remember Iraq and those Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) ) is anything but informed. But then, since when the voter ever bothered to check his facts before ticking the ballot whether in the First Worlds of the US or the wannabe first worlds of Canland.

You see for 8 years a bozo has been burning the family heirloom into cinders ( Iraq: the current bill : US $600B + US$700B( for this bailout) + estimated US$ 500B for earlier bailouts of Bear Sterns and other failed entities) and yet an educated electorate cannot differentiate the woods from the trees.Why? because they have been beguiled! And the poseur effects his magic through a posse of media spinmeisters, crafty advisors, vacous think tanks, enthralling thespian turns and oodles of charisma. Remember, in the Quran, how the pharoah beguiled his subjects with cameos of magic and shows of might until one fine day, a simple shepherd turned up and threw down his staff which swallowed up an empire. He may have drowned but the pharoah's spirit lives on in our midst in the guise of politykos and other assorted megalomaniacs who would not give a tuppence about tilling your fears and watering your hopes to reap the fruits of personal gain. For what is politics but the nationalisation of private desires.

Yeah, democracy is actually a manufacturing house for illusions and the creative studio of perceptions. A winsome combo used to befuddle a gullible and ignorant rabble to legitimise plunder, wastage, and the commonality of folly. In return, they are promised the freedom of the park to carouse and wench, drink and be merry and live a life of dissolute liberty even as the promise of equality and justice evaporate in the early rays of the new dawn. Broken promise after shattered dreams, the rabble soldier on marooned as they are in the land of hope and better tomorrows until one fine day, they are awakened by the sun of reality and in the heat of realisation, awareness dawns that today's nightmare was yesterday's illusion. That the masochism for repeated disillusion is the flip side of the sadism for self denial.
Revert: Marvel at how a polity that has seen how a balanced budget turn into a deficit, how personal liberty been compromised by draconian law, how an illegal war was turned into a holy crusade voted in a nincoompoop for two terms. Awesome!

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