Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A New Global Indicator : The Iran-Wall Street Index

This is fast becoming the most watched index in the world with eschatological undertones and apocalyptic signals being transmitted with increasing frequency and the hate rap being ratcheted up a notch ever so frquently. The equation works like this: each time Wall Street tanks, Main Street shivers and Mr Greenback performs the swan dive as the house of cards gets ripped apart by wintry blasts, Iran pops on the radar to reprise a never-ending opera for the chicken hawks and neo-cons fidgeting in their bunkers dotting the landscape of Uncle Samy's yard. In the mean time, padres, friars and other cloaked crooks take over to salve bruised egos as the godless hunt for god in previously deserted pews and empty vestibules as the church choir turns up its volume and breaks into "Hallelujah, thy kingdom is near when our kingdom is done".

Thus, be prepared for more sabre rattling now that the nuptial vows of Annapolis disintegrate in mutual recrimination with the Palestinians left holding the baby of blame while Israel scoots away with no alimony to pay into the arms of the resident pimp for some public ego stroking before a pre-emptive strike is launched unawares and we, the audience, are dragged into the play in anti-Brechtian fashion as a holocoust threatens to vaporise us into thin air....

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