Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Iran-Wall Street Index (Part 2)

As Wall Street crumbles to dust and Main Street watches helplessly as the American Dream is swept away by a deluge of economic woes, the last roll of the dice by Christendom is about to commence on the table of life. The unraveling of Capitalism, the scripture of the devotees of Materialism, the idol of the marketplace who had seduced many a soul to iniquity and self deceit signals the end of the world as we know it. Yeah! including democracy laknatullah, that fiendish illusion of self determination and individual liberty.

Christians might wont to disgaree but the pathetic figure spread eagled on the cross, a crown of thorns framing the blood splattered and tormented visage is none other than Judas Isacriot, the traitor who attempted to sell the Saviour for the gold of Mammon. Symbolism is replete in that historical fact that occured a millenium or more ago. Judas, the symbol of unbridled greed falls for the allure of gold (the symbol of materialism). His satanic deception thwarted by the will of AllahSWT who after His raising of Christ to safety, willed that the traitor ( his mien a virtual photocopy of the Messenger.. observe Da Vinci's Last Supper : a painting replete with meaning) pay for his spiritual demise by undergoing the now celebrated tortous journey up the rocks of Golgotha with the heavy cross in tow culminating with his infamy nailed to eternity on the peak between a pair of equally immoral knaves. And the resurrection and the empty sepulchre?...that is the sign of the Almighty to the hawariyun, that the Messenger of Allah has been miraclously ascended to the realm of Glory to await his second Coming which is well nigh soon....
A reinterpretation of Christian .. this is what probably happened over three balmy spring nights in the gardens, public squares and hills of Jerusalem beneath a disbelieving firmament that even the moon eclipsed herself a blushing red at the sight of man's iniquity. But as the pages of time flipped over, this narrative haloed as a drama of passion was raised by the catharsis of faith to the realms of spiritual tragedy. An imposter assuming the three dimensional facet of Man, the spiritual(godhood), the physical(son) and the metaphysical(the ghost), an image melded by myth, deception,and philosophical sophistry into the Christianity of today. It is a story of diabolical proportions awaiting to be told for in truth the actual Satanic verses are inscribed in today's Bible and not as the fevered and perverted mind of Rushdie seeks to aver . Through the maniacal scheming of the Jew(Paul of Tarsus), the Council of Nicea, the banishment of Barnabas and the other apostles and their versions of truth, the eclipse of the Unitarian Church,and the role played by the Roman emperors, Isa al-Masih's (as) teachings regarding the sovereignty of Allah,the ideology of monotheism and the coming of Muhammad (PBUH & Family)perished in the sands of time, the dregs surviving in bits and pieces in the Bible and the practices of certain Christians (these are those, as stated in the Holy Quran, who will accept the truth of Islam and about Isa at the end of time). An ever repeating saga enveloping all earlier faiths germinating as they are from within the seeds of monotheism (tauhid).
So folks, there you have it, Bush is the new Richard of old Materialism, a godless crusader king determined to actualise the fiendish visions of Huntington and ably supported by the troika of Cheney, Rice andthe NSC. The mission ; a preemptive strike against Iran that will trigger a nuclear conflagration that will engulf the world even as the Rapture lifts the "faithful" to the garden of Hades. and after the mayhem, Christ manifesting himself and the Kingdom of God to ...blah, blah and bloody blah over so much hocus pocus..... Truth be told, it would be these evil forces who will meet their demise at the hands of the Mahdi with Isa in assistance before a new world order sans democracy establishes itself. 7 years of boom have passed since the Great Satan self immolated its phallic spires from the skyline of Manhattan, now 7 years of despair will engulf us, a period of time when the walking dead would wish they were really dead! Me pushing the read the extract and ponder the is high time we did!

ISRAEL will almost surely attack Iran’s nuclear sites in the next four to seven months — and the leaders in Washington and even Tehran should hope that the attack will be successful enough to cause at least a significant delay in the Iranian production schedule, if not complete destruction, of that country’s nuclear program. Because if the attack fails, the Middle East will almost certainly face a nuclear war — either through a subsequent pre-emptive Israeli nuclear strike or a nuclear exchange shortly after Iran gets the bomb. on here: and bookmark this portal dedicated to an imminent war :

Revert : Everywhere, the faint drums of war are getting a wee bit louder:;_ylt=AjJYDW5PEzugPK9EA8PJw1us0NUE


Anonymous said...


Lukisan Last Supper adakah karya Leornado Da Vinci atau Michaelangelo? Saya rasa revert mesti ada buku gospels of St. Barnabas yang pehak kristian tidak mengiktirafnya. Nobel Da vinci code oleh Dan Brown walaupun dikatakan fiksyen oleh pehak kristian tetap ada kebenaran kalau dikaji secara mendalam.


Revert said...


Syukran kerana mengunjung laman blog ini. Ya, betul kata saudara, ia sebenarnya karya Da Vinci bukan Michaelangelo, saya tersilap. Berhubung Gospel Barnabas, ia adalah karya yang ditolak Gereja semasa Council Nicaea walupun kebenaran ini dihapuskan oleh pihak gereja, Pengharaman ini ada kaitan dengan penolakkan pandangan Arius yang menolak konsep trinity dengan berhujah bahawa Jesus (Isa) tidak terbit dari Tuhan tetapi merupakan manusia biasa seperti kami.Juga harus dirujuk buku Holy Blood & Holy Grail Karya M.Baigent dan R. Leigh serta the Messianic Legacy yang dikarya oleh orang yang sama