Thursday, September 11, 2008

Of Rusty Iron Bones

Tulang Besi has just confirmed my long held suspicions that the Malay Muslim polity in the opposition ranks are mere apologists for the Anti Muslim lobby. In fact, it can be safely surmised that they are more obsessed in orchestrating an ‘extra constitutional’ power grab in cahoots with these liberal secular scum.. The fact that Tulang Besi is apologetic for his previously “hardline” stance makes a mockery of his hitherto “aggressive” stance against the liberal secularist elements. Why proffer an apology if you are in the right, TB? Since when a Muslim need to be apologetic to the Kuffar for defending the tenets of his faith?

TN next proceeds to rightly brand the liberal secularists as anti-Islam but oddly you are not averse to collaborating with them via the Pakatan Rakyat framework to effect a power grab. I just cannot fathom this line of reasoning. Don’t you understand that Islam does not legitimise collaboration with the kuffar what more if they are avowed enemies of the faith. Have you heard of Kaffir harbi, kaffir dhimmi constructs and Matlamat tak Halalkan cara!!, get it dude) The lame excuse that this collaboration is to bring about much needed reforms to the diseased Malaysian body politic and its debatedlty ailing economy is at best a hollow excuse designed to mask the actual intentions of this motley crew of political misfits i.e., the institutionalisation of secular liberal paradigm with Islam being reduced to an “indoor” faith, lurking in the prayer rooms and bed chambers of private homes and the marbled and carpeted interiors of mosques ( don’t be surprised if the Azan call and the mandatory tudung is banned in the public sphere of this new political landscape as Muslims are compelled to be subservient to an Ataturkian resurrection in the East).

No I am not fanning the flames of panic but merely outlining presciently where we Muslims are headed in the emerging paradigm. The capitulation of the likes of TB , MG Nur Aflah, Sofi Wahab et al and the power hungry leaders of PAS ( who have usurped the right to represent political Islam on behalf of the true believers) are harbingers of dire news for the local Muslim polity. No, I am not seeking the prolongation of the current soporific status quo either. Both sides have lost the Islamic moral right to governance. It is time for the military to move in and save the country from these opportunists.

Revert: A strongman is needed to bring back sanity to this country lest we are willing to hop from the laps of Lucifer into the arms of Satan himself.

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