Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Pakatan of Dreams

Wong Choon Mei's report entitled "Early elections if Pakatan takes over" in Malaysiakini had me rolling on the floor in paroxysms of uncontrollable laughter. My funny bone was well and truly tickled by this "Kollywood" Superstar of Malaysian politics. Come onlah, Saudara Anwar, who are you trying to kid. Apart from your love for Chinese opera style dramatics, another "endearing" trait of yours is your asinine ability to stop the presses with your irrational garbage coated in high falutin expressions. And it is not surprising that you had to resort to this latest gimmick especially when your minions are having pangs of guilt as well. So much so that there is now an orgy of soul searching convulsing many a breast of diehard Anwaristas that we neutrals have been suffocated to tears, by all the agonising yarns of self doubt, traumatic moralising and ethical dilemmas in self styled people's legislatures and blogospeheres..sheesh...gimme a break!

Anyway all this outpouring of grief may well come in as a handy trial run on the preparedness of many a tear duct as in five days time or so,when the jackboots will move in to declare martial law and a very familiar figure from the recent past assumes the strongman role to steer the country back into its familiar squalid reality.

Yeah..plans are afoot and the two warnings issued within a space of three days must surely be an obvious weathervane to all and sundry especially our dear Anwaristas unless they are all having a lark in cloud cuckoo land!

Revert : Thanks for the memories, Anwar and here is hoping you will given a good matteress in Kamunting.

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