Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Temberang Tetap Temberang doesnt rhyme with Lawan tetap Lawan, does it?

Another day passes and another lie bites the dust. But then thats why they are called ..erm ..lies, fibs, falsehoods the likes of which would got us into trouble as kids. All kids would have remembered, the singe of the rattan, the twist of earlobes and worse, the burning sensation of chilly powder on his/her lips, the desserts for fibbing about breaking something, for rustling a few loose change or for lying about some other transgression. Well almost all...for there are in some hard core souls a canker so vile that lying is second nature:

1. the blogger who after being shit upon by a naughty little bird, intimates to the world that his friend is on death's doorstep or was it a clever tactic to compel the implausible rain of frogs...presto, man appears hale and hearty in public the next day

2. the statesman who said read my lips.."no fuel increases" and then wham! a massive increase to burden the poor till kingdom come (shades of Dubya, isn't it)....

3. the charismatic who shouts from the rooftops that 40 rats are about to jump a sinking ship but at last count not a mice has left its seat from a table laden with cheese and the ship..every bit sturdy as ever despite the hidden rust beneath the veneer and the floating icebergs beneath its hull.

4. the saint who claimed of being ecclesiastically crucified on false evidence when the evidence stands stark naked in our face.

5. the dutiful wife who conned the electorate with a promise of tomorrow but who abdicates her duty for someone released from a personal purgatory

6. the same wife who wails her beloved is doomed for the wheelchair but the moment the ruse is taken, up he springs and embarks on a sprightly tour proselytising the virtues of collective madness.

7. the deposed statesman who remembers the trees but conveniently forgets the woods at a moment's notice.

8. the ageing alim who issues fatwas contradicting his earlier valedictions and whose cara menghalalkan matlamat or matlamat menghalalkan cara ...now which is which...help i am entagled in this web.

9. the rags that froth at the mouth and fall head over arses to report the most obvious swill and spout ethics when confronted with fact.

10. and the one that takes the cake on this birthday of birthdays : the promise of a new regime to sweep away the ennui of the old but already the angst of dejection can be heard in the merchants' square as truth again rears its discomfiting head.
chief : Hey you, get an axe and lope that damn head of Mr truth off, will ya? And for good measure cremate the carcass and throw the matches away!
Minion: but sir.... that thing has a soul that will surely haunt us all till kingdom come!

There are many more such gems from this tiny sliver of terra firma called Canland hanging like a flaccid, pendulous organ from the torso of Asia but the cup overfloweth and so will all the garbage bins of cyberspace if .................

Revert: we are in what we are in coz for so long we have allowed our souls to be swindled by the lie for the illusion of peace. To all: Temberang tetap Temberang

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