Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Puncturing of Uncle Sam's Priapism

They can do whatever they want, but a sinking ship is still a sinking ship once it springs a massive leak. And therein lies the rub, for that leak is in confidence, an essential ingredient in the business world. And when confidence takes the train ride into the Sonora, then all the senoritas in the world are not going to bring sanity back and into the vacuum has slid insane fear to grip the financial markets of the world in his vise-like headlock. A contagion that began in the twilight zone of Subprimes has spread each time as the relevant victims/players retched and coughed themselves blue in the face.
The problem with the stock exchange is that it is essentially a casino where wealth is conjured and dissipated within seconds , paper wealth actually. Where arbitrary values are assigned to scraps of paper known as stocks, debentures and other exoticas based on future earnings which may or may not be attainable, where values can be manipulated by devious financial reports and recommendations made by paid acolytes erotically known as investment analysts, market analysts etcetra who are better equipped at analysing their palms and navels rather than the intricacies of the marketplace. It is a cesspit of rumour, assumptions and presumptions where wagers are made and fortunes are lost in a blink of an eye and where you can indulge in the ultimate skullduggery of buying and selling unowned shares, futures options that would leave the common man flabbergasted. Imagine, buying and selling invisible stuff, stuff you dont own and dont even see or feel, something which the holy prophet in his wisdom warned against. That is how oil spiralled as the investment bankers tried to cut their losses elsewhere by inflating the market to dizzying heights and cashing out before the gas ran out of the surge as the reality that such perpetual increases will kill off the real economy began to filter through their bone dry carburretors. But by then everything had burst at the seams and like the load bearing structures of the twin towers, the mother of all erectile dysfunctions began to buckle under the weight of its bloodshot weight - the mighty collapse of the self induced American priapism is well underway!

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