Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Return of the Prodigial Father:2

When I wrote this, I did not expect the many negative vibes i received. Further, some have hinted rather angrily, that i am part of the dark force (whatever that means), a paid hack and other welcome epithets. Further, it will go smack against my asertion of being strictly apolitical. But i am a realist, not an idealist or an hedonist. The vision of politics me and my mates espouse will take time to materialise but surely it will..only that between now and that horizon, something needs to be done within the current political illusion to help the suffering masses and who better to do it than one of the master practitioners of that illusion itself.. the master magician .... Tun MM. and i reassert that stand for the following reasons:

1. The other candidates are not prime ministerial candidates oe material either for their flip-flops, lack of credibility, equivocation and of course their utter lack of experience in crisis dealing. Dont ask me to be specific for i will lump and tar all of them as such at once for it is not worth my time to burn acres of cyberspace to comment on each individually. Besides, father has still his wits about him which is saying much for an octogenerian.

2. Peruse any independent analysis of what happened in the 1990s and you will find that the prodigial father at the least emerged partially vindicated. So why not let him have a go at it again. He may or may not succeed but at least he is our best shot based on past records.

3. Putting him there is better than having him run the setup by remote control. At least, he will have access to all the levers and will be fully responsible for which one he pulls. It wouldnt make sense just to waste him in an advisory capacity and let the smug pout mess things up already messed up as they are.

4. There is the added incentive for him to set old wrongs right in his own way even though he may be too proud to acknowledge his past errors. A spell in the wilderness may have given him an insight into things and the suffering of the common man, so why not give him the chance to right things in his twilight the clock winds down (get my drift......).

5. Based on the above, it is time to reanoint the father as the rightful heir. Nope. i dont want the 86-88 version or the 97-98 vindictive version, just a toned down version of the inbetweens will do.

Revert: I may ruffle feathers but who least i am saying what remains the unsaid

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