Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Return of The Prodigial Father: 3

Readers who have followed this blog would have noticed that i used the term political illusion in my previous instalment of under this title. Needless to say, i have received a barrage of queries on what i meant by that term. What i meant is what i literally meant. You see any political system sans Islam confers the ruling elite an illegitimate perception that they actually wield power on behalf of the masses when in actuality, they don't. in other words, they are in a delusional state of mind that their power, legitimacy to rule or whatever is a reflection of their popularity and acceptance by the masses. But is that really so?

If one were to analyse the local political scene, one would notice that this delusion of an illusion is a false hallucination far removed from reality. As i have posted before, legitimacy to rule is essentially derived from the notion of majority and that majority is affirmed via the ballot box. But what if only 60 of 100 potential voters register to vote and to take it further turnout by the electorate is, lets say, 75% of this 60 = 45. To stretch it further, lets assume, the majority that wins garners about 55% of the popular vote = 25 . So there you have it, the party that claims majority only has something like 25% of the actual electorate of 60. filtarate this further with the 40% of the eligible but non-registered voters and the numbers decline further which brings us to the illusion : I am in power because i won the majority of the vote" when in actual fact it should be : "I am in power because i won a minority of the vote and the numbers who did not register exceed my puny "majority". So whither the political legitimacy to lord over all and sundry? it is actually a self delusion perpetrated within those for whom power is a drug and the pathway to easy pickings, gals etcetra etcetra. And of course to ennoble the gutter..what better way than clothe your base inclinations with high falutin moral platitudes like " service to the nation", " a religious obligation" a sacrifice for the downtrodden" eyes are getting moist in writing all these expressions of conviction....oh what sublime intentions.....what purity of purpose..oh the tragedy of nobility.... fuck you all, politycos. Shove what i just wrote up your wormy arse and constipate upon till kingdom come. It will knock some sense into you lot!

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