Saturday, November 08, 2008

Obamaising the Truth

After, two days of hullabaloo and clap trap, the poseurs who crawled out of the wormwood are still at their old game. Varnish the message so it matches their discourse - of how the Great US of A crossed the Rubicon of Race to embrace the son of a preacherman, of how color blind the voting was and let this be a deafening shout to all "racists' the world over especially in a nook called Canland. Such has been the delirium, that the liberal adherents of the Church of Universal Brotherhood have exploded into a devotional frenzy that the local papers, sms columns and even cyberspace has been drenched by seminal ejaculations of mass hysteria sans rationality and logic. Calls for a Non-malay PM have revebrated across the aisles and pews of public space and have reached a crescendo in Cyberspace especially in blogs that peddle rubbish on Bangsa Malaysia and, lately, on Bangsa Rakyat (whatever that means). Cut through the crap and the stark facts stare at you unblinking and unwavering. Here is a sample

1. Obama was never the son of Harlem, preacherman or even a black panther. He is first and foremost, a mulatto ( a cross-breed) raised in an elite background and the product of Ivy League not North Western, Rutgers or Carbondale. He is not in the same mould of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, men who honed their politics in the NAACP. His voting records is patchy, prone to flip flops and is, at best, liberal in nature.

2. Exit polls show that 55% of whites went for Mccain and 43% for Obama. Among blacks it was the reverse, 95% vs 5% and among Hispanics : 65% (Obama) and 35%(Mccain).

3. The mismangement of the economy by Bush and his coterie was so bad that even a tree stump would have won against Mccain. Look at this number: Almost six in 10 of Obama's voters are in worse financial shape than four years ago, double the number of McCain's.

4. Like Pak Lah, Mccain has perfected the art of grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. Hence, his astute selection of Sarah Palin, his generally timid electoral campaign and his limp physical apperaences were all showcases of the fact here was a horse well beyond the pasture and more towards the grave. In fact, so enamoured were the Republicans that many didnt bother to vote . the funny thing is that Hilary would have done better than Obama!!;_ylt=AiGJ0MbIHYjzIOXy9m4LeG1snwcF

5. Finally for all the hype about Obama, his first policy decision was "to place our man (Rahm Emmanuel ) in the White House : Jerusalem Post "and this guy sure comes with impeccable credentials :

As for global peace, here is the first downpayment:;_ylt=ArSw1Btvb7mWQMte7lcnxLhsnwcF

and for social policy:;_ylt=Al..DpCBMvrbAIv.h88EseBsnwcF

and for these folks.....dream on.....

Post script : about race in America, why not read this stuff:

and one more...ah almost 40% of Americans saved valuable fuel by giving the polls a miss... wasnt that great? and this :
democrazy is sure thriving in the land of the brave and free...kah,kah,kah,kah,kah, kah,kah,kah,kah,kah,kah,kah

Revert: But then....... there are too many educated people nowadays that truth is nothing more than relativist construct.............

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