Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Winds of Change Sweeps Across America - Part 1

"Change..change! come thee angel, come home to thy abode" they chanted unchangingly, nonchalantly, breathlessly, melliflously in town halls, over public radio, over late night talk shows, over network tv, over cable tv and Change springing up at the break of day, cavorting past the blaze of noon, zipping through drowsy afternoons before piroutteing through sedate evenings into the dying embers of dusk, winging through the heat of night and flapping past midnight glided ethereally into the heart of America .And soon the verb change was murmured through the indian summers of their youth and through the winters of their dotage, the unvoiced plosive "ch" gliding seamlessly into the angst of "-ange". The echoes of Change revebrating down with the frosts of Chicago and lifted skyhigh by the Prairie winds flitted over the moonlit plains of Kansas, soaring above the towering Rockies and slithering down the western seaboard to suspire the warm scents of Colitas in the serene beauty of the Sonora. Giddy with the fragrance of sweet summer sweat, Change gamboled with the balmy Pacific mistral over the desolate canyons of Colo and gallivanted down into the bustling ranches of Texas, and settled momentarily outside the bayous of New Orleans from where you can check out anytime you want but can never leave.............

Oh how romantic, the ladies whispered as they swayed to the beat of the djembe and the sound of the ukulele whilst the house nigger served sake for a change as Change blew gently through the bayou for a brief rendezvous. The winds of change wafted through the soft wispy hair of every woman ,his bony fingers tenderly ruffling their tendril curls, his fiery breath eddying passionately down their pale white necks, his giddy puffs stroking their smooth porcelain skin , his searing touch caressing the milky white napes beneath their bobbing tresses, whistling love notes into the hollows of their breasts. His gusts of desire swept across their thrusting breasts.......nuzzling, titilating, arousing as they moaned their every desire for Change locked as they were in his wind swept embrace.He was the zephyr of amour twirling round and round those cherry pink nipples while all the while whispering those sylvian notes of "change" into their enraptured soul.....slowly his gales of lust blew further down ........Oh how they drank the sunlight and swooned under the moonlight. Then, Mr Change released from his momentary reverie regained his spirits and zipped away in glee.

Sailing through the air and lifted high by the gusts of Ike , Change pirouetted across the Applachains, kissing the sundrenched beaches of the panhandle. Pushed ever north by the Atlantic current, he waltzed up the eastern seaboard, smothering New York in his fervid embrace before showering Wall Street with a confetti of change. And when Change came crashing through the rafters, the upturned faces gazed in wonder, eyes glinting with joy, lips parting in awe and brows arching in triumph.... Slowly he whirled and twirled around them, his face a flash of twirls and whirls before a murmur cleaved the deafening silence, "he is not our Mr Change......He is the Changeling"

And Changeling smiled a frosty smile, for outside, his dews of change were seeping through the heartlands of America , percolating through the lives of Johns and Jane Does.. yanking their dreams off the moorings of hope, casting a diaphanous veil of despair over the perspiring land. "You want Change", he hissed as he whirled through the empty hallways of foreclosed homes. "Some small change for you"he whispered into many an ear all through the bloom of spring, the sizzle of summer, the wilt of autumn and the snows of winter..........(to be continued)

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