Monday, January 19, 2009

The Advent of the Last Days of the World as We Know It Now

See, i already commented on this much earlier here: this may not be a million hits blog and is pretty much a below radar project considering the fact that i have hardly chalked up 500 visitors in 3 months of toil. but i will plug away nonetheless and who knows i will hit the magic million and .com status as i draw my last breath in the blue yonder..................

Well...much of what i had predicted regarding the global economic situation has come to pass. and here i will add another for the road. This will be the worst depression ever even surpassing 1929 and will probably run over the next 6 to 7 years. the only way out off it is a global war as all the available fiscal and monetary bullets sans money creation have been used up and the financial comptrollers are leery of cranking up the printing press 9if they havent done so already) as the spectre of superduper hyper inflation flits in the background.

The third stage of the meltdown is well nigh... the price deflation of assets and the spiral into an unknown blackhole as the economy enters a L shaped zone where its pulse graph will be exactly that, a flat L. nah1 Obummer is not going to make a dent on this juggernaut of stagflation and will possibly use the last available weapon at his disposal. War!! with? Iran of course and that risks a confrontation with Russia and other neighbourhood goondahs (read india-Pakistan, china-taiwan)settling their own scores and fighting for turf as the socalled global "policeman" is engaged in a life -death struggle. Nuclear winter, anyone? i am already licking them chops!!

Revert: Once the dust settles, the dawn of the Islamic era will see a return to sanity. keep the faith and we, muslims, will see this through, inshaallah

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