Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Right to Comment: Another One Bites The Dust

Warrior 231 sent me another of his comments to a certain blog specialising in organising street carnivals ala Malaysia, arranging for pay per-shout demonstrators, re-enacting Florence Nightingale's peculiar fetish with the candlestick, invoking the wrath of assorted gargoyles besides indulging in other unmentionable shenanigans. Needless to say, the comment never saw the first rays of its worldly existence as it was slyly abandoned to float in suspended ennui till kingdom come!. I explained (via email) to a bemused Warrior the why and wherefores of his predicament and when he contacted me via the phone, i could sense his disgust and angst about the whole affair. I will keep my silence henceforth and let you, my dear readers adjudge on what grounds this comment flounders in the slough of injustice. happy reading and adjudicating!!:

warrior231 Says:
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February 21, 2009 at 2:24 pm

Dear Sir
I am appalled by your irresponsibility, sir. You are literally stirring trouble and putting at risk not only the lives and limbs of the clueless crowd trolling this lawless parliament but also the well-being of the nation!
I beseech you to desist from instigating the rabble and fomenting an insurrection. Instead, your reputation would surely be elevated in the public eye if you would expend your prodigious energies and brilliant writing skills to educate the public on the need for equanimity in accepting legal verdicts cognisant of the fact that Lady Justice will never ever tilt her scales of Justice to favour any one party. Nor will Justice being Justice be able to succour the desires of any particular group in view of the simple fact that it must be administered fairly and seen to be administered fairly.

Your act is tantamount to disrobing Lady Justice, dragging her screaming into the public square to be ravished by a senseless mob. If that be the case, then i am afraid we will have to relinquish our right to be called rational and civilised beings who shelter under the rule of Law. Rather, your actions will be misconstrued by the prying eyes of the world as divesting the robes of reason and stripping away the accoutrement of civilised behaviour and parlaying them for the rags of mob rule and the smock of revenge.
Although manacled as we are to the tenets of man-made law and the secular constitutions of this world, I feel that we must never divest the clothes of civilised behaviour just because we cannot control our brutish lust for vengeance. For who interprets the law but mere mortals of flesh and blood ever susceptible to the fever of emotion, the blight of prejudice and the tumour of bias. However, man-made law is always premised upon the notion that the decisions derived from its interpretation must be accepted with a groan of equanimity and the sigh of fait accompli, no matter how bitter the taste may be. For wouldnt, the Prince of Chaos reign in a Kingdom of Discontent, if each one of us were to raise the cudgels whence a certain decision militates against the very soul of our cause? Contemplate the repurcussions on the body of the Constitution, Sir, if the wounds of disillusionment were left to fester. Ruminate on the consequences of such abhorrently loutish outbursts of anger on the fragile social fabric which will be no sooner torn asunder if mob rule was legislated into acceptance by a bunch of ignoramus brigands whose idle minds are nothing more than a devil’s workshop wherein the swords of hate and knives of vengeance are sharpened on the anvils of cynicism.

Haven't you visualised the effects such spasms of violence will have on the economy? Already, I hear that several multinational companies are scouring the bare earth for the worms of tumult in order to justify them flying the coop and leaving us proles to be pecked by the cold winds of poverty and to be ruffled by the pangs of hunger. Are we the poor to be forever serenaded by the lamentations of poverty, the dirge of destitution and the wails of famine as we sit on the mildewed thresholds of life staring bewilderedly into a fogbound present and nursing increasingly emaciated hopes for a bright future?

Pray, Sir desist from your destructive course lest the flames of your anger consume our hopes and dreams in an unimaginable inferno of hatred and vengeance.I am sure you will find it in yourself to cast away charlatans and perfidious characters into the roiling waters of rancour that they themselves stirred up with such gay abandon. Let the Prince of Chaos burn on the stake lighted by the spark of Justice. For he is nothing more than an effigy of an illusion, a strawman devoid of morals deserving nothing but the mockery of courtiers and knaves alike. Sir, imbibe the wine of Reason to dispel the fugue engendered by the cheap arrack of vengeance and as you raise your goblet of wisdom in deference toLady Justice, forget not the unvoiced cry of the downtrodden who yearn for nothing more than some peace and quiet as they meander through the travails of existence..

Warrior 231

Revert : Fat Chance, we proles, farmers and the rest of the exploited hoi polloi will ever have any chance of voicing our repressed angst!

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