Saturday, February 28, 2009

It is the Stupidity, Stupid!!! (Part 1)

“The stark reality is that the average Malaysian entertains grave doubts about the integrity or competence or both of those who make up the system (and in this, I tar lawyers with the same brush).”

I chanced upon this when i was unwrapping some fish dressed up in a page of the rag that carried this article written by a certain runny nosed bespectacled nerd of Wakil. I then traced the article online to a certain blog and in view of recent events decided to pen my thoughts on everything's that ails Canland:

And so intones a pompous lawyer in a MSM rag not realising the self-flaggelating nature of his asinine observations. Observations that are as usual lapped up by lobotomised cretins without further ado and who then sing paeans to the blogmaster for his one man war against perceived tyranny. But then this is Malaysia, a country brought to its knees by the imbecility that permeates critical discourse. This poseur of an advocate is not the first and neither will he be the last.

The problem with the so-called intelligentsia is their condescending attitude and facetious duplicity. Hence, you have self-styled intellectuals deconstructing ancient tracts and mangling the imputations of their contents so as to permanently meld them to a certain perverted worldview, charlatan lawyers who interpret the law like amateur nincompoops and scream blue murder if decisions do not go their way, politicos who will bugger Constitutional provisions to lend a veneer of legality to patently unconstitutional acts, civil rights and civil society advocates who will perfidiously taunt the law and its enforcement agencies under the guise of advancing just causes when in reality the support for such causes only emanate either from an elite bourgeoisie who have oodles of time and bagfuls of moolah to fritter away (sponsored as they are by anti-Moslem foreign foundations helmed by thought terrorists and liberal fanatics of the secular shrine) or from a thought zombified rabble that will unquestioningly lay its body to be steamrollered by limousines on the streets of Malaysia while the real agent provocateurs either hide from view or clamber into gleaming Camrys to be chauffeured away to safety.

Only in Malaysia, can you find a self acclaimed intellectual dissecting ancient texts and providing post-modernist and post-colonialists interpretations of disembowelled extracts that allude to the syncretism pervading the acceptance of Islam by our Hindu forefathers. Texts which on closer perusal by the discerning eye can also be interpreted as reaffirming the supremacy and triumphal of Islam over a waning and collapsing Hindu weltanschung riven as it was by internal contradictions. But then, the purveyor of such views is an “unabashed modernist liberal Islamist” (whatever that means!!), the poster boy of the newly “enlightened”, the darling of new vogue interpreters of the Syariah and the enfant terrible unleashed upon fundamentalist Islam,in short, the iconoclast of neo-liberalism. But then again this is Malaysia, a country populated by a polity obsessed with the outer trappings that clothe an individual. Affix a “dr” to the name and you can spout garbage to an adoring crowd who hitherto have had no inkling of what is being commented upon nor the inclination to critically examine such fatuous claims in an objective and rational manner. Nor for them is any need to objectify the analysis from the liberating perspectives of one's culture as proposed by Foucalt (1977), Said (1978) or via the interpellated self that Althusser (1971) first proposed and further developed by Pecheux (1982, 170-1) into the disidentification model....but then i digress.... (time permitting, i will analyse the said text from this perspectives and expose the fraud for who he is!)

Only in Malaysia, can you find civil society advocates who can spin a report detailing the arrival of a dignitary by train to Kota Bahru at the turn of the last century into a yarn about how that very report symbolically alludes to the renaissance of civil thought in that northern Malay moslem enclave and the advent of reformist thinking with nary a mention of the proletarian vision of civil society as articulated violently by Tok Janggut in 1915. I almost fell off my chair as I doubled up in laughter at how the 2 authors (grads of Oxford, mind you) spun a mundane run of the mill story into something monumental. Yet again, such inanity is left unchallenged probably because the writers hail from the cradles of the "Great Tradition" and thus what they spout is the gospel of truth....

Only in Malaysia, will you stumble upon an anthem-singing, candle toting band of street vagabonds mouthing inanities about the need to repeal the ISA while little toddlers swaddled in throw-away nappies contemplate the whole scene in a mixture of wide-eyed wonder at the stupid antics of adults who purport to know better and of unvoiced trepidation as to what will befall them if and when they are deployed as human shields against the law enforcers . Little do this candle toting thought lobotomised zombie brigade realise that the whole exercise is nothing more than a bucolic sham designed to hoodwink all and sundry. For how is it no mention or debate is ever accorded to the very Article (Article 149) that gave birth to the ISA, an article by its very construction negates all the constitutional safeguards to freedom and personal liberty as enshrined elsewhere in that secular parchment called the "Federal Constitution” (and I thought I read in somewhere popular that laws that are inimical to the Constitution should be repealed. But then again the said Article is inimical to the very Constitution it is embedded in! So how do you square that??) But on second thoughts, I just remembered that this crowd is out for a Sunday lark complete with pot-larks and totally out of depth in analysing things critically plus what better way to proselytise the Christian way then via candlelight vigils..ha!ha!ha!................... (Part 2 coming up)

Revert: Remember the Wakil who peremptorily closed discussion on a certain topic which rankled Warrior 231. At the close, comments totaled a measly 15 (minus the 2 of Warrior's that was deleted) but lo behold!! another comment hollered "Open Sesame" and the Cave of Iniquity opened her doors to usher in Johnny Come Lately ..........and I thought discussions were indeed closed!! LOL

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