Saturday, March 28, 2009


Back in October, I penned this, a montage of two unfolding scenarios. Much of Scenario 2 has come to pass, Alhamdullilah except for the last bit which is beyond me... a mere charlatan trying to divine the unknown with my puny intellect and limited logic. Praise be to Allah azza wa jalla for the inspiration He mercifully accorded me for I am nothing but a vesicle through which ephemerael thoughts flow. Be that as it may, the advent of Armageddon and its resolution is purely the prerogative of Allah SWT. I apologise for sounding a tad too spiritual here for I am not the kind who wears his religousity on his sleeve, climb the public pulpit, preach the virtues of Godliness, extol his/her stance as the Force of Good, disrobe, embrace the infidel and slight his Muslim brethren openly and secretly and wench the days away in drunken revelry at desolate wharves, piers and harbours that dot Canland. Neither do I have the time to instigate rancour by tilling the land with the plough of iniquity, sowing the sseds of lies, showering them with the waters of doublespeak, fertilising them with the dung of equivocation and watching in false pride as they sprout and morph into Jack's beanstalk and finally, skipping about in satanic glee as it strangles innocence and truth.

No sirree thats not me although some other bloggers revel in the attention that sort of morally depraved behaviour reaps.... I am not an angel either, i have my foibles and shortcomings but I make it a point not to mock my Holy Scripture, lambast my co-religionists for their faults/shortcomings ( for every man has a weakness) nor brag about my interpretative abilities as i avowedly hold that . Except the munafiks who have arrogated themselves to be the sole interpreters (whatever that means ) of Allah's scripture and who patently hoodwink the Ummah by donning a humble, pious mien to fool the gullible when in fact, their reptilian self is coiling itself up to inject a fresh dose of venom designed to split the Ummah, and reap the fruits of that discord. I have also no truck for those truculent beasts whose sole aim in life is the nectar of power and whose every moment of existence is devoted to strategising ( high falutin term for "cheapskate plotting") and implementing ( codeword for: sowing) anarchist ideas that shake the very foundations of this nation.

I have also immense contempt for those Yahoos who affect to be impartial and claim to be dissecting issues based on their training or related to their vocation when in actual fact, they are not above twisting words and behaving in a prejudiced and biased manner totally alien to their supposed neutrality. These faggots and their master Maggot need to understand that they will be exposed for their duplicity in due course. In fact, what is common among both ecclesiastical munafiks and secular hypocrites is their penchant for buggering the Scripture and the Constitution whenever it suits their agenda. Perhaps the very fact that they have so disguised themselves to their own soul is the reason why they are unable to step back and analyse the contradictory nature of their actions. Some of these souls are so hardened in their stance, that to engage them at all is a complete waste of time and mental resources. In fact,so tinted is their view of the world that they fear that a moment in the sunlight of reality would kill their hitherto well-cosseted ideas and perceptions of the world. A sort of mental harakiri that will render them mad!!.
Why am I writing this? Well, makers (who have been angered by my commentary on Perak) of recent e-mails ,which i have refused to publish for their gutter language and empty threats, need to be forewarned that they are traipsing into unknown territory in taunting me. I reserve the right to first strike and anyone foolish enough to take me on should be aware of the fact that they will be confonting a force of nature infused, inshallah, with the spirit of a jihadi. In short, I am not going to play possum or scamper when challenged. Rather, I will inflict maximum damage if anyone dares to entangle with me. Beware, this a tiger's lair....
Revert: Inna ilahi wa inna ilahi rajiun

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