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Much Ado about Nothing

Back from a short break from the far flung boondocks of Terengganu, I simpered to myself as I read about the minor kerfuffle that Warrior 231 and I are mired in. But Malaysian idiots being Malaysian idiots, it came as no surprise that Warrior’s inadvertent use of my Google ID was sufficient grounds for denizens of the lower end of the morons’ food chain to launch a diatribe against Warrior 231 and by extension, me. A diatribe so fatous, that you would have expected, at the very least, something more pithy from the dissolute ragamuffins and the eternally lost hobos who tramp the streets of Cybersphere in a miasma of perpetual ennui. Instead, having grasped their long sought “Holy Grail” as to the identity of Warrior 231, what we have is a motley ragtag of social misfits stroking their flaccid egos with cheapskate cab-chatter , blind bright eyed trash talk and infantile ululations of joy from thumb-sucking, pecker twiddling toddlers (this variety appearing in the blog of a dissolute wakil, I am told by Warrior). So moved was I, that this ode to folly was the inevitable outcome:

Ah…the charms of folly,
how doest thou bewitch the fool with thy false beauty,
thy eyes the orbs of deception
thy touch the softness of silk,
thy locks the velvety mane of Lydia
thy lips drip the dews of passion,
thy bosom heave with thoughts of lust
thy nipples throb with pangs of desire
the fires of passion stoked in thy loins

embraced doeth thou by knaves and fools,
seduceth they by thy allure,
drinketh they thy venom
cuckolded are their brains by thine poison
to wander’st thence through the portals of time
veiled in the frieze of ignorance
thus doeth they meander thru the labyrinths of life
darkness upon darkness wreath their souls
and the light of reason within forever doused
by the winds of arrogance and gusts of insolence

hark Warrior…doest thou hear them whisper?
the empty prattle of iniquity
laced in the cheap dregs of sarcasm
and served with a touch of irony
fear not their barbs of mockery
for thou are beyond their pale of wisdom
as envious hearts doeth harbour the canker
of vengeance seasoned by rancour……

But I guess that’s how puerile pussyfooting pusillanimous new age metrosexual dilettantes and childish churlish chipmunks react when their vacuumed brains manage to put two and two together at long last and get a high-five in return. Sorry to disappoint you poor sods, I am NOT Warrior 231 and NEITHER is Warrior 231 me, end of the story my dear morning glories.

In fact, the arrangements I have with Warrior 231 regarding the use of my Google ID to access this blog would hardly elicit a wimpy whimper of scorn let alone raise a lusty shout of opprobrium. Contributions by outsiders to blogs are commonplace rather than happenstance. In fact, for the benefit of some bright eyed wonder, mealy-mouth cab driver and a certain uncertified gatekeeper, a ramshackle ghouls chamber has on its payroll a vixen from Trojan lore (http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2008/03/24/save-yourself-from-sun-stroke/)popcorn civil society poseurs (http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2008/03/23/a-racist-heritage/) and yet to be classified avian species whose droppings can be accessed at :http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2008/03/30/fair-accurate-media-week/.

In fact, the vixen whose moniker rhymes that of the legendary beauty Helen, is an evergreen presence (whether, a semblance of Helen is resurrected in this modern version is unbeknownst but then if she looks like the doe-eyed Hanna, the statuesquely elegant Halimah Sadique or the once youthful, fragile and porcelain featured but now irredeemably fallen frump of a Liz, good for the blogowner, but then eye-candy has never been a substitute for brain food!..,,,oops, I digress).

This brings me to my essential point, i.e., the distinguishing trait that characterizes this bunch of brain vacuumed retards is their utter inability to make dianoetic conclusions. Rather they are the children of impulse, prone to frivolous flights of fancy that wings them inevitably time and again to pie-in- face humiliations. But then this bunch, who imagine themselves as high flying socially conscientious intellectuals and professionals, fail to realize that in reality their utter lack of common sense and their snobbish bourgeoisie mien are the very rags that reveal the utter nakedness of their being.

To cap it all, these idiots have the gall to mock Warrior’s irreverent tone and obscenity laced attacks when no less than Chin Peng’s official biographer is on record of having reported this:

…….opposition party Pas, of which Shahnon is a life member. But party chief Fadzil Noor is having none of that. The normally puritanical politician hails the book as a "major contribution." Vulgarity is "all right," he declares - as long as it fits the story.”
Source : http://members.tripod.com/reformis99/_disc8/000000ba.htm

No surprises there, isn’t it, when a particular ragweed is on record of having admitted as much:

."PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat has admitted before officers of National Islamic Affairs Council (MKI) that he used words like Tuhan mencarut (God uses vulgarities), Tuhan samseng (God is a gangster) and barua (lackey) in his speeches". http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P1-82665857.html (courtesy of Warrior 231)

To me, Warrior’s dalliance with obscenity is nothing but biting and valid criticism directed at a racial group who have lost all sense of decency and fair-play. That much is a damning testimony of a decadent age in Malaysian history during which justice, liberty and equality as interpreted by Malaysia’s newly minted iconoclasts intellectuals is equated with gross attacks against religion (Islam), race (Malay) and institutions (Malay language and the Sultanate). Instead of playing possum, Warrior 231 has taken the bull by its horns and this has riled certain segments of western educated Chinese race supremacists, and their closet paramours who expect us Malay Muslims to grovel and cower in fear. He could have put it more graphically with ma-fucking brevity like Ayu Utami:

“vaginanya selalu menutup setiapkali ada penis di ambangnya baru permisi” (Saman: 126).

which symphonic ally dovetails with what Leni has to say here:

"Our poets never flinched from cleaning out a john." (in Group Portrait with Lady)

But knowing Warrior 231 well, I think he is too decent a man to stoop to such levels.

Revert: Come to think of it, I would have been better off spending the past 30 minutes in a lubricious clinch with my inamorata than engaging these brain dead meat.


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