Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bye, Bye Racial Harmony

"That reform can only happen if, from the rank and file of these parties emerge a new generation, untainted by the corruption of the echelon and mid-level leadership and who are in politics not to serve their own ends but the best interest of the rakyat, and have the gumption to challenge the status quo.Sadly, there does not appear to be such quality within the rank and file of UMNO." (

Suddenly someone feels a tad bit sentimental and nostalgic about another party which he has grown to loathe with such venom. Perhaps, the realisation is slowly dawning within the neanderthal's cranial cavity that the Malay vote is fast receding as the tide ebbs and what the collaborators will be left holding are just the floatsam of Chinese and Indian support while they stare directly at a surfacing faultline demarcating land and water. It had to come to this eventually for once you instigate the immigrant hoi polloi to cast aside their moral compunctions and savage the very institutions the indigenes hold dear, you, unless you are inverterate dumbass, surely cannot expect the natives to slink away with their tails between their legs like some cuckolded tiger.

That it had come to pass unawares is testimony to the insolent arrogance, the Pakatan "Les Miserables' had exhibited thus far in their fanatical pursuit of power whilst wrecking havoc on race, religion and culture. Such had been their unrestrained chutzpah, that they had not realised their nefarious designs sugarcoated with ideals like freedom, justice and egalitarianism would ultimately founder as the novelty of taste dissipate in pleibian tongues and proletarian ants sense the stench of decay beneath the mounds of sugar.
If Bukit Gantang (BG) is a microcosmic galaxy within the Malaysian political universe, then its imperceptible hurtle into the Black Hole of Chaos must have been indeed mortifying enough to silence any ululations of unrestrained joy and in its stead invoke a moment of quiet contemplative nostlgia and regret in minds so hardened by hatred and cemented by vengeance. Now, as the sunlight of reality shines through the dark recesses, nooks and crannies of a debauched mind, and the hard facts of life slowly trickle through the cracks and crevices of reason, sloshing through once impermeable perceptions and flooding the interiors of once firm convictions, the drowning self will come to realise that trifling with fragile polities is the harbinger of tumult.
Revert: Serve you right, you feather brain wakil...I told you so . Anyway, Warrior 231 has his own take on this outcome. Will keep you posted, readers .

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