Thursday, April 30, 2009

When Senility Wanes the Senses and Clouds the Mind

I thought of not putting up a post today in deference to the April 30 income tax deadline (wink) but i couldn't resist the temptation when this imbecile stumbled into a view like a stone drunk toddy addict. What he prattled about in that cybermat it set me laughing, what a major tickle...i am still laughing as i am typing this. Anyway, here is his rotten red herring for starters:

It's because, as any lawyer will tell you, especially as he was Lord President before, that before you make a decision, you cannot see the parties. If you want to meet any of the parties, both of them must be present. You never do so by seeing one and then making a decision. The moment you do that, to the losing side or to any observer will think you have been influenced. So it's the impression that counts.They were angry with the Sultan because they can sense it in their bones that it is wrong to make a decision to see the other side first.

yeah...when HRH was merely repeating the pattern in March 2008 :

1. there was no legally registered coalition known as Pakatan Rakyat then, only 3 disparate parties, DAP(18 seats), PKR (7 seats) and PAS(6 seats), wedded by a common aim.

2. the largest single party was UMNO with 28 seats (source: but their request for a minority government was not entertained instead the Sultan via his crown prince decided wisely to meet the parties (read : see the parties).

3. the same sultan met both parties in February 2009, first he met Nizar at the latter's request as nizar wanted to dissolve the asembly (It said that Mohammad Nizar had an audience with the Sultan on Wednesday to seek the Sultan’s consent to dissolve the Perak state assembly: . HRH declined as per the state constitution and called in the other side to form the government BUT ONLY AFTER ASCERTAINING THEY HAD THE MAJORITY, THE SAME MANNER HE HAD UNDERTAKEN IN MARCH 2008.
AND IN NO MANNER DOES THIS CONTRADICT WHAT THIS EMINENT JURIST SAYS HERE: "This would defeat the implicit scheme of the Constitution which envisages the possibility of two or more governments during the tenure of the same Lok Sabha ." (source:


and just for the road, take a look at the timeline below culled from a pro-PR blog. The highlighted sections speak volumes of what was brewing in Perak, pre-February 2009.

4.45pm: The swearing-in has been definitely postponed till tomorrow due to haggling over the Exco line-up. DAP, PKR and Pas cannot agree on the composition after DAP, after conceding the MB’s post to Pas, is now demanding a lion’s share of the Exco seats. Both DAP and PKR state leaders have retreated to their respective headquarters in Ipoh to deliberate on the issue.

4.55pm: Ngeh issues statement that Raja Nazri has instructed the coalition to collect the signatures of all 31 DAP-PKR-Pas assemblymen agreeing to work together under a coalition government and that Nizar is the collective choice as Mentri Besar. Ngeh also denies that postponement is due to PKR’s threat to pull out of the coalition because they didn’t get their Exco seat allocation

and this :

and this:

For heaven's sake don't try to rewire history like some god forsaken revisionist when everything is cast in pixels till kingdom come in the realm of cybersphere.

Revert: how imbecile can one become as age slows you down........the more one mouths the more apparent to others that Mr Stupidity has one's brains in his passionate embrace. ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! oh God, i still can't stop laughing......LOL

Buffalo: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (tears streaming down its face)....stupid people like this senile old fellow in his dotage are fine by me master...after all they provides me with the laughs and what is life but a fun lark in laughterland......hohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho ........hahahahahahahahahahahahaha......kahkahkahkah...

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