Saturday, May 02, 2009

PAS- Neither Here Nor There

I have always supected that Nik Aziz was susceptible to devious influence from parties bent on undermining Islamic unity. Hence, my withering take on him a month or so back when he rejected the unity proposition outright. I have always proposed Muslim unity (and the posts preceding that one will attest) which i feel is a vital precondition to Malaysian unity. In fact, it gels in perfectly with the 1Pribumi concept which i am in the midst of crafting. Once Malay/Muslim unity is achieved, the rest i.e., the rebellious Non-Malay will come to heel and will accept the reality of living in a Malay/Muslim dominated polity as per the Social Contract agreed upon in 1957......i digress here

My stand that Nik Aziz and the liberal Erdogan wing has been the major stumbling block to Muslim unity has been vindicated by the excerpt below:

“Nik Aziz is not getting the real picture so that was why he rejected Hadi’s unity government proposal. Some quarters were giving the wrong ideas to him by saying that Hadi intends to join BN and all that when it is not true,” a source close to the party told The Malaysian Insider.
Pro-Hadi leaders like the PAS deputy youth chief Nasrudin Hassan are now openly backing Nik Abduh's claims.
“He would take responsibility over his allegations. If his allegations are true, it means that he has stood up for what is right and Allah would know how to reward him,” said the PAS leader in his blog posting yesterday."

In fact, the split in PAS has been engineered subtly ever since a certain personality was appointed its Secretary general and began the move to bring to fore the Erdoganists whose kiblat is directed towards PKR rather than Islam. The current battle is the one that has brewing all the while ever since, the Trojans infiltrated the ramparts (like PAS, UMNO too has been injected by this Trojan virus and the sooner it initiates a purge, the better)

In fact, if one studies the moves and pronouncements of this faction, this subtle shift in semantics and ideology is apparent. I am afraid that PAS has been infiltrated top-down (minus a few prominent figures) by the so-called liberal elements and only a thorough cleansing and purging of these elements will return the party to its original objectives. Until the Syura wing acknowledges this fact and initiates the cleansing, I am afraid PAS will be ridddled by factionalism that no amount of PR will paper over and any talk about Malay unity will remain just that.... talk. More seriously, PAS will be rendered a neutered party with an almost "political trannie" personality of sexual confusion i,e., whether remaining true to its course or embracing the liberal stance.
Either Nik Aziz accepts this reality and sanctions a purge or retire to allow PAS to restructure itself and pursue unity along the lines I suggested in those posts linked above. Pursuing the present status quo will see PAS splintering into shards much to the delight of PKR and DAP who are increasingly edgy of its increasing influence in PR and accomplish what they had been plotting all along as they took PAS for the joyride of its life....
Revert: Malay/Muslim unity is what the infidels fear most, the nation over....................

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