Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Was Obama Attempting an Osama?

Caught in the Act : Obama "Diplaying" his skills over the New York skyline

Yeah...was Mr Change ( yeah..i know he was not there but just for the laughs) trying to reenact New York's very own Guy Fawkes moment with this stunt and ended up with a pie in the Sky landing smack on his face? The coot was cooly affecting a bluff when confronted but surely he would have known what was going on rather than plead ignorance with a straight-face (after all the planes were up there for a good 30 minutes). Or was this a secret op designed by rogue CIA operatives to embarrass the nigger just to reaffirm his (nigger's) credentials among the populace that he was after all er....... a closet Muslim dissembling with a dog in tow.
Whatever the conspiracy mill churns they must surely consider this gem: after releasing the pig from its pen down in Mexico, it was time for some fireworks to enable an emergency to be declared and war being proclaimed against Iran so that the Massacre of Innocents can commence with unabated fury or could Obama be actually Osama sans his wispy beard, moustache and turban....ha!ha!ha LOL but at least he aint like that Daffy Duck Lim Guan Eng who claims to have vamooshed hard-core poverty with a wave of his magic wand (more on this coming up...keep tuned in)

Revert: I happen to be a conspiracy buff who avers that RPK has been spirited away in a spaceship piloted by Bala to Planet Moronia in Galaxy Andromeda to be King to Altantuya.............

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