Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Piece of Trivia

A Tun dropped by and he had this to say:

Tun said...
Kesian, tak ada orang baca blog kamu
May 11, 2009 11:54 PM

No Tun, with due respect it doesnt bother me in the least that this blog is not well frequented and I dont mope around in self-pity that i have only coraled in 1000+ . The whole project was conceived as a fun thing , primarily designed to give me something to do in my spare time and at the same time learn how words can be creatively manipulated. Its not my loss that hardly anyone ventures here and neither am i putting it out that I am God's gift to blogging. In fact i dont have any specific idea for starting it in the first place, it just came like a bolt from the blue and voila..i had a blog up and running.
Call it lazy or lack of ambition or whatever, i never made a conscious effort to promote the blog apart from dropping a byline or 2 in the place i used to frequent before i got kicked out (till this day, i cannot understand why and it still rankles once in a blue moon) to announce that i am into blogging as well. Neither have i linked this blog to any of the others out there or made a conscious effort to comment using my blogger ID. So there you have the bliss of anonymity, the serendipity of being a non-entity, the nirvana of nothingness and the shangri-la of of non-existence within existence!

So why do i blog? the millenial existential question that is my ultimate perennial! well, i blog because i just love to write and writing for me is therapeutic. Apart from my farm, writing is the other vocation (part-time) that puts food on the table, mammon in the wallet, moolah in the bank and quid that pays my debts. Yeah..you guessed it, i ghostwrite speeches, i copywrite for ads, i selfwrite brochures , pamphlets, travel articles and i rewrite anything that catches my fancy but i pawn the creative credits for real credit. Some of you may have seen my taglines on those billboards you whizz by on the highways and byways, in some ad buried deep in a mag or you might have read me gushing about places providing FAR (food, accomodation and recreation) services in places as far away as Langkawi and as near as Penang. I have written about almost anything under the sun except about sanitary pads!

So you see, writing is like second nature to me in the first nature I inhabit. Sometimes, a thought flits through my mind whispering me to put up my creative writing (short stories/poems), my travelogues, my snapshots of life, my peekaboos of relationships, my dalliance with leisure, my romance with food on this blog but i dont think i will, just not yet, maybe cos i feel those stuff are too mundane and schmaltzy compared to the pleasure of firing slingshots at certain personalities, the delight of unfrocking a few charlatans and the ecstacy of unmasking social frauds and other sundry poseurs (nothing personal though). No contrary to suspicion, I am not a paid hack, a salaried cybertrooper..that would be laughable if not downright pathetic seeing that the number of hits per day hardly trudges past mile 4. And neither am I an-ex journo (though one of my eternal regrets was not ending up in journalism when i had the chance) nor a failed polly. I am just old man farmer Revert, blogging for the fun of it while my buffaloes wallow in the mud and moonlight caresses my paddy.
So why waste so much energy and brainpower for something that yields so little, as one commenter once emailed me. Its not that, lady (for she was a woman), i only potter about this little garden in cyberdom an average 6 hours a week, hardly an hour a day and its not the yields i seek..rather this blog allows me to experiment, to break out from the cocoon spun around me by the constraints of my realife writing projects. It allows me the freedom to indulge in flights of fancy, to fly beyond the fields of imagination, to explore the lighter and darker sides of me and life..in short to dive deep into the depths of life and emerge with the pearls of wisdom, the corals of knowledge and the whale of self realisation. This blog allows me to vomit my ideas at will and watch where the rivulets of gooey stuff flow without discomfitting anyone else and many a time , i have coined phrases, metaphors, symbols that relate to what i want to say in my actual copies. In short, writing allows me the freedom to throw the template bearing the colors of my creativity at the wall of life and watch the splatter form crazy patterns that my mind's eye can discern.
So you see, my tangle of nouns, vines of adjectives, weeds of adverbs and creepers of verbs are all part of my own little unkempt garden and they are there to serve a greater purpose. I am playing with words all the time even when I write serious topics, trying to conjure up a hodge podge of images, a pot pouuri of ideas, a curry of phrases that may come useful elsewhere.
And if you harbour any notion that there are other people creeping under my skin, perish the thought! Some smart aleck made it out that I am Warrior 231 and that had me rolling on the floor while someone else had me ghosting for Demi Negara which left me and my buffalo sniggering till our tear ducts ran dry!. Our writing styles are different, if you are discerning enough. I wish I had Warrior's treasury of cuss words and the silky smooth style that epitomise DN but sadly I dont. Oh heck, what if i say I am Warrior 231 and DN after all, that will draw the crowds here by the thousands, right? Haha..LOL
Revert: A reader suggested that i switch to writing stuff like Kenny Sia or that lady in Ipoh...mmm thats food for thought but then i will have to slamdunk this place for good.


Anonymous said...

Carry on...
I am one who make up your 100+ hits. I guess in some ways having a blog is like keeping a diary in the olden days, BI (Before Internet).

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're so defensive and bitter, you should get help man, when you think that condemning with so much hatred and venom is fun. Take a load off. Relax. Breathe. Get happy from other things in life other than back stabbing. Write something to which you'll be brave enough to put your real name for a change. Then people will take you seriously. And no matter how you try to convince us that all your personalities are actually different people, don't kid yourself...people know la. You'll probably write a long venomous and hateful reply in your best long winded and bombastic language to this, so by all means do so, but remember that people see through all of that "I write in a really complicated way, therefore I must be damn smart" thing that you do, ok dude.

Mark Tan

mekyam said...

hi revert,

dunno abt those 999 others who also drop by chez vous, but i like it that yours is an off-the-beaten-track blog. it makes me feel privileged that i'm among the few who know of its existence.

when i first read warrior-231, it did occur to me too that it might be you indulging in a bit of off-colour rants. in fact, i'm going to retain that thought for a bit until i know different. i'm almost sure i've spotted some turn-of-phrases you both seem to share a penchant for. :D

however, not for a second do i think you and kijangmas/deminegara one and the same. neither do i think km is w-231. as you said, the styles are too different.

also km's writings are tinged with barely concealed racist and ketuanan melayu sentiments. i don't sense those in either you or w-231.

don't mind admitting to you here that i was so impressed with the magnificent ripostes of the warrior (his prodigious arsenal of cuss notwithstanding) at rocky's bru that i posted anonymously just so i could let him know.

why anonymously? because i had no stomach for the gutter-squabbles going on in rocky bru's comment box then. :D